A traveling gallery to bring art closer to the public

Combining a passion for travel and a love of art: this is the very essence of Galerie Art Nomade, which has been exhibiting its works in various places in Quebec for several years.

Elsa Charpentier, the artist behind the gallery’s works, has her own twist, featuring women who are both mysterious and bewitching. Her colorful creations are recognizable at first sight. Essentially depicting portraits and female nudes, the painter herself explains that she intuitively works “anywhere according to her wishes”, saying that she wants to “bring art to as many as possible and arouse emotions”.

PHOTO COURTESY: Art Nomade Gallery

Each piece is unique and painted on a small white cedar shingle board.

“Before the artists painted on wood, I somehow returned to the sources, he specifies. Due to its size and lightness, this support offers me great freedom of expression. I take my board and acrylic paints out of my bag and capture the present moment, always drawing inspiration from the place.”

The Art Nomade Gallery, created seven years ago, is the result of a collaboration with the artist King Nobody. Together they toured Quebec, but also Nova Scotia with a single goal: “Bring art to meet people, at an affordable price.”

The success was there.

PHOTO COURTESY: Art Nomade Gallery

“We exhibit everywhere. The originality of this project and of our paintings has been well received by the public”, he adds.

At the start of the pandemic, the paths of the two artists parted ways.

“Traveling was beginning to get complicated,” says Elsa Charpentier, who took advantage of the health crisis to give free rein to her imagination.

PHOTO COURTESY: Art Nomade Gallery

“It was a period where I painted a lot and collaborated with other artists. But not having to travel more has been frustrating.”

His exhibitions then gradually resumed. He recently presented his works in a boutique in Sherbrooke, in a gallery in Montreal with a series of female mermaids (notably on April Fools’ Day), and another series of “protective pagan goddesses” in a salon-boutique-tea-and- cafe in Val-David to celebrate spring.

Coming from a family of artists, Ms. Charpentier has always had a soft spot for drawing and painting. After studying visual arts at UQAM, she earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Concordia University. With her diploma in hand, she then embarked on this itinerant gallery project.

PHOTO COURTESY: Art Nomade Gallery

“I discovered through this journey that everyone loves art,” she says.

The Galerie du Viaduc, on Boulevard Saint-Laurent, in Montreal, will present 24 of his works from Tuesday to Sunday. Their venues are mentioned on their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/lagalerieartnomade).

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