An unusual novel

quite captivating, a first novel that is hurting the publishing world!

Nella Rogers got a job as an editorial assistant at Wagner, a renowned publishing house located in the heart of New York. The dream when you hope to one day be able to become an editor yourself! On the other hand, not everything is rosy: the often exhausting work requires daily treasures of diplomacy.

Not to mention the current racism and its thousand and one tiny perfidies. Because if Nella has done almost everything to set up a diversity committee, she is still the only black woman who works at 13Y stage. Which, he says, is unacceptable. Especially when it comes time to explain to whites why, in this or that revised novel, certain overly stereotyped characters of color don’t “work” and deserve to be reworked.

latent battle

When Hazel-May McCall is also hired as an assistant, Nella will be more than happy. With her dreadlocks, her beautiful clothes, and her ebony skin, Hazel might as well be her longed-for ally. At first, they will be the best colleagues in the world. But very soon the gas will run out of water and for Nella, the situation will be worse than before.

Hazel may seem outgoing and friendly, but there is something fishy about her. She is ugly, but she could even be the author of the anonymous threatening letters that Nella has started receiving lately…

Flirting with the thriller, a novel that breaks the mold and makes you think about how the world of work deals with difference.


The Guardian

black girl

Dead at the age of 66, collector and philosopher Charles A. Morgan left behind an incredible number of eclectic objects. Exhibited in his house-museum, they can now be admired six days a week thanks to a caretaker whose zeal seems to border on madness. A disconcerting novel, sometimes funny, sometimes downright strange.


black girl

Published in English in 2012, this autobiography recounts the amazing journey of Deborah Feldman, a young Jewish woman who found the strength and courage to leave the ultra-Orthodox community in Brooklyn where she had always lived. Her story has been the subject of a miniseries broadcast on Netflix and although we have seen it, reading this book, as moving as it is disturbing, is worth the detour.

In search of holy relics

black girl

UFOs, paranormal phenomena, occult killers… Over the years, Christian Page has lifted the veil on a host of fascinating topics, and now it’s the turn of the holy relics! So if he wants to know more about Noah’s Ark, the Holy Grail, the Shroud of Turin, or Christ’s crown of thorns, it’s worth deviating from this book, because everything it reveals is downright fascinating.

Quebec’s 150 Most Beautiful Outdoor Sites

black girl

Due to the sixth wave of COVID, many of us will probably prefer to stay in Quebec in the coming months. This large-format book could well become our new bible, as it offers all kinds of activities in the most beautiful corners of the province: hang-gliding on Mont Saint-Pierre, sea kayaking on the Mingan Islands, hiking on the Sentier des Caps de Charlevoix… Yes, I can’t wait for summer!

Chills guaranteed

black girl

The dolls

While chasing thugs down a secluded country road, a sergeant and his deputy come across a veritable mass grave hidden in an old abandoned chapel: six stark-naked, clean-shaven corpses with curious surgical scars all over their bodies.

The case being too bizarre to be entrusted to the first comer, it is the solid commissioner Víctor Venturi – 25 years of service with the Criminal – who will inherit it. Which will immediately call in a brilliant young psychologist to understand what could have pushed someone to commit such atrocities. Because in the twisted genre, you can hardly do better.

treasure hunt

Although this new shock duo will try to lift the veil on this disturbing series of murders, we will also follow in parallel the story of Ophélie, who left Paris to settle in Provence, in the lost farm in the middle of the forest where she is. she opened her divination practice. And even if Madame claims to be able to predict the future, she would never have thought one day to have so many terrifying visions. We leave it to you to discover which ones and why!

Without being a favorite, a thriller that fulfills its function well: to entertain and surprise.

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