André Clamagirand shoots a “friends movie”

His Caducerian roots, André Clamagirand, now based in Saint-Malo, cannot get rid of them. One day or another, he had to exploit them in his career as a director. His film “L’étang du Drac”, which is being shot from Saturday April 23 at the Lot, is heavily inspired by the novel “Two Extraordinary Adventures” written by his childhood friend, Michel Souladié.

A thriller with a cast of Lotois

It all begins with the disappearance of Mouquette, a sheep. Then it is a little girl who becomes untraceable. Concern reigns in the surroundings, and very quickly, Drac’s Pool is singled out. And when a gendarme spends the night there to watch him, they find him dead at dawn. What is behind all these mysteries? “I want to keep the viewer in suspense until the end,” confesses André Clamagirand.

For his first fiction, he opted for a cast of Lot. The little thirty actors come from the department, but above all they are many childhood friends of the director. “It’s a buddy movie and it’s great,” he smiles. He even found an old friend from Chapou school in Figeac. Michel Delfour or Albert Casas (in the role of the main character, Théodore) head the list. The latter provides valuable help to the filmmaker. He rehearses with the actors and shares his theatrical experience with them. “It’s a real advantage. When I get there, the actors will already have an approximation to the film,” rejoices André Clamagirand.

In addition to a cast of Lot, the fiction also aims to show the department. “The idea is to make a film in the Lot countryside, to show all the beauty of this region”, explains André Clamagirand. From Vigan to Lake Aujols, via the Thédirac sheep, the Lot landscape will be lit up with its most beautiful light.

A dive into the 1950s

The plot of the film takes place in the 1950s. Costumes, sets… everything has been carefully analyzed to perfectly match the time. And it’s out of the question to pretend. “In one scene, two gendarmes will eat, and everything will be edible, even foie gras. I asked Vigouroux wines to make old bottles labeled 1947, my year of birth!” André Clamagirand laughs. The latter has become good friends with Benoît Jouclar, from the Salviac Automobile and Agricultural Heritage Museum, who lends him his 1948 Peugeot 208. The gendarmes will be dressed as in the film “Le gendarme de Saint-Tropez” and will drive in Mass jeeps. .

The shooting of the film began on Saturday April 23 at the Salviac museum, and the Lot will be in the spotlight for fifteen days. A slight delay compared to the initial date, since the film should have been in the box for a year. But this time it’s the right take.

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