“art is in me and I couldn’t pretend to forget it”, Mac Alex

Information from Alwihda. You have a long history as an animator. Tell us a little about it.

McAlex. As a child I wanted to be a footballer or a lawyer. But a few years later, the idea of ​​becoming an artist journalist began to haunt me. I had a passion for these two professions and it has followed me to this day.

How would you rate your maturity in this universe?

It is by rubbing shoulders with the people of the trade, cultivating oneself, training and working hard that maturity is acquired.

What achievements are you proud of?

My pride is the fact of seeing many people accept that I highlight artists from my area. This also pleased my superiors and myself. In addition, the fact of being among the correspondents of the “Couleurs Tropicales” program is a real source of satisfaction for me, as well as for the Chadian culture.

You are no longer close enough to the musical world and why?

Music requires a lot of discipline. She is a bit jealous like God and doesn’t want to be associated with anything else. It takes a lot of work and I have enough to do. This is the reason why my time does not allow me to pursue my music career, but it does not mean that I have given up on music. Someday I will surprise you (laughs)

Several artists have hung up their careers saying that music doesn’t pay in Chad. What do you say?

Hmmm….. You are absolutely right. What can an artist do to get ahead in a country like ours where there are no patrons or cultural sponsors? A country where the Ministry of Culture is not really doing its job, where we don’t have the means to fight? A country where artists are forced to go to concerts in dance bars to eat something, because the cultural spaces are deserted. It is increasingly difficult to make a living from your art in this country and that has to change.

And what would you say to those who are starting their career?

Cheer up to them, they would have to work a lot. That they spend more time at work than in front of beers in the maquis.

Tell us, who inspired your passion to become a radio host?

I have been inspired by various veterans and elders of the trade. There is Claudy Siar, P’tit fou, people like Robert de Brazza, Alain St Pierre, Ricardo Lab, Abdoulaye Tosh, Evariste Ngarlem Toldé, etc.

Are you thinking of forming a successor?

Yes, I think and I do. I trained several at the time at Harmonie FM where he was program director. A few months ago, I was together with older brother Tosh at the RNT apprentice training in animation technique. InchAllah will continue on provincial stations if Onama wants it. I also receive apprentices in my sections.

How do you envision retirement in this environment?

I intend to always keep one foot in this profession to train young people. Even if I retire, I will be there to help them improve.

Which quote best describes life for you?

“Work liberates man.”


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