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the essential
A few weeks before the festival, the association remembers its DNA: the show for the Young Audience in its territory.

Seeing the little ones arrive at Carré Py, we realize that 3 generations meet again: the infants, their first festival-going parents welcomed by the now (grandparents) parents, architects of what is now a consolidated institution in the cultural scene of the Haute Bigorre territory and beyond. Very comfortable, the approximately 250 children from the Haut Adour nurseries came for 4 performances: there were the adults (the older ones) who organized this project for them with the support of the CCHB, the pedagogues (the teachers) who introduced them to modern art, and especially the artists of the Atelier des Songes (actors, musicians, magicians) who made them dream and create.

The guardians of dreams” on display

We salute these artists who welcome the children themselves by telling them what is going to happen, the stories to dream, travel, imagine. Because the goal is that: to be able to look differently at the modern art paintings by famous painters that hang on the walls of museums that come to life on a small carousel, on puppets and objects that go around even on small heads (not always) blondes. About Hans Arp, Pierre “was not even afraid of the wind and he liked the clouds that he forgot on earth.” Hugo told us that he “likes to fish with his grandfather, but he doesn’t have the boat himself,” the Torres Garcia. As for Marie and Lucie, what they really liked were the colors of Kandinsky and the soaring music of John Surman.

A “touch please” exhibition,

continue a discussion in an interactive and concrete way: the children were invited to reconstruct the previously deconstructed paintings; because we know that children look with their hands. Moving and replacing the magnetic shapes on a board makes little creative geniuses laugh. Turning a tray and inventing its colors puts the sun on your head. And we find Lucie who wants to “build a building taller than the house so she can look at the earth.”

In fact, one wonders if the “modern art awakening project for young children” is not simply a pretext for older children who have become adults to continue dreaming of a world that, thanks to theatrical skill and technique, Let art and magic fuel the imagination and enrich the lives of everyone at any age.

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