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Alexandra Lapierre has embarked on a grand tour. The novelist, known for her ability to find exceptional women and outline their biography, made a stopover in Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine), at the Le Failler bookstore.

There he presented his book. beautiful green which focuses on the woman who was director of the Morgan Library, the library of billionaire JP Morgan, in the 1900s. This librarian and book collector with a flamboyant personality hid a dangerous secret: she was African-American, but she pretended to be white, in a violently segregated America…

A night at Christie’s

“In the United States, this phenomenon is called the intern, says Alexandra Lapierre. After eight generations of interbreeding between black and white slaves, some looked white. But with a drop of black blood, you were classified as black. Impersonating white was a crime. »

The paperback release benefited from a device to which many large formats are not entitled. “An evening was organized at Christie’s auction house in Paris because Belle Greene spent a lot of time at Christie’s and Sotheby’s to buy rare books”continues Alexandra Lapierre. Through him, the entire history of bibliophile takes shape. » for the launch of Mourabiography of a Russian countess who was Gorky’s right-hand woman, a reception had been held in a Russian restaurant.

Alexandra Lapierre is one of Pocket’s star writers. She has achieved a large number of readers who are interested in little-known characters such as the painter Artemisia, the explorer Isabel Barreto, Fanny Stevenson, the writer’s wife… She stages them through very lively and well-documented biographies that require long-term research. term. “Three years, for beautiful green, much of it in New York. »

in pocket size, beautiful green it was printed in 34,000 copies, with an expected reprint of 8,000. Rights to some Belle Greene photos were bought, cover photo changed. “Belle Greene is naughtiest there! »

Pocket publishes fourteen titles by Alexandra Lapierre, with a total of 380,000 copies. However, some should have been edited elsewhere. Thus, beautiful green is published in large format in Flammarion, which has its own house for pockets.

But Alexandra Lapierre remains faithful to Pocket, a structure linked to Plon and Robert Laffont, its previous editors. “When I sign a large-format publishing contract, one of the terms is that pocket goes to pocket. Still, the logic is to be in the group of large format publishers. But I am very attached to Pocket, which has contributed to the success of my books. A pocket trip is a long adventure to live together! We have developed a real bond. They have incredible listening and passion. beautiful green, are four years of solitude. So when he comes out of the woods with his book, a publisher who understands is excellent! »

beautiful greenPocket, 617 pages, €9.50.


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