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Every spring, at planting time, new books emerge to immerse us in the spirit of gardening while waiting to get down to business. Here you have six from which to draw a thousand and one inspirations.

Posted on April 19

isabel morin

isabel morin

To start your garden on the right foot

Planting a garden is a pleasure that is not only savored on the plate. Lucy Chamberlain, horticulture journalist and head gardener at East Donyland Hall Castle in Essex, manages to convey her passion for her own homegrown vegetables and fruit. Whether she plans to plant her garden in a window sill, on a balcony or on the ground, in a modest space or larger, she’ll find all the information, plus the arguments, to get started. Abundantly illustrated, the book allows us to visualize each stage of the creation of a garden and, above all, amazes us with images that make us dream of summer.

The guide to garden beds, step by step

The guide to garden beds, step by step

MultiMonde Editions

256 pages

Good advice from Marthe Laverdière

Later Let’s not go crazy!, the second volume of the “Gardening with Marthe” series, the tireless horticulturist returns to us with a new part written in her Bellechasse countryside, during a break forced by the pandemic. The author cultivates the same closeness with her readers —by adopting that accessible, humorous and practical-practical tone that we know from her— while presenting her gardening tricks through a series of anecdotes drawn from her career as a horticulturist and from the her personal life. Let’s get on with life! is an invitation to gardening with the senses. This is also the concept that structures the chapters of his book where plants and advice are grouped for the pleasure of smell, touch, taste or sight. Gardening is always fun.

Gardening with Marthe 3 — Let's get on with life!

Gardening with Marthe 3 — Let’s get on with life!

man editions

224 pages

All about domestic greenhouses

Of course, spring is the time of year when we’re dying to get out and get our hands dirty. But to extend the moments in the garden until the next cold weather and enjoy our plants even in winter, it is better to anticipate the seasons! First published in 2007, this book was updated 15 years later by its author, Simon Chrétien. The agronomist and greenhouse crop specialist focuses on the basics of indoor gardening and the development of reserved spaces in the house or outside. Well developed, the book will appeal to gardening enthusiasts who will find all the information for off-season gardening, regardless of the size of their project.

Home greenhouses and indoor gardens

Home greenhouses and indoor gardens

Editions of l’Homme

272 pages

the gardener’s diary

Because memory is a forgetful faculty, it’s always helpful to go back to your notes from previous years before beginning a new gardening season. But you still have to have lent yourself to the exercise at the right time. It is with this in mind that the gardener notebook : as a tool to write down one’s own thoughts and observations to make one’s own seasonal evaluations. This guided journal, full of advice, is not in its first edition. However, it is presented in an improved version based on feedback received by the author over time. Includes a weekly reminder covering all four seasons and a list of garden centers and seed companies covering the different regions of Quebec, from south to north.

Gardener's notebook - The four seasons of your garden

Gardener’s notebook – The four seasons of your garden

Quebec America

128 pages

Cultivate 365 days a year

Getting vegetables out of the ground in all seasons: this is the idea that more and more gardeners and all those who are looking for solutions to rising grocery prices are cooking up. How to do it and where to start? This is where Albert Mondor comes in with his rich knowledge of horticulture and his ability to popularize it. Garden all year, his most recent book, accompanies the reader in the construction of different types of shelters and offers plants adapted to the circumstances, exploring hydroponic agriculture, irrigation methods and even mycology along the way. Anyone who wants to boost the gardening experience will find his bedside book there.

Year-Round Garden — Growing vegetables and herbs year-round

Year-Round Garden — Growing vegetables and herbs year-round

magazine editions

240 pages

the fruits said

We eat them, grow them and cook them, but do we really know them? So little, we tell ourselves when consulting this book that focuses on the origin of fruits, their history as well as the myths and symbols that accompany them. Amazing fruit stories. It is part of a line launched last year with vegetables and fine herbs. If we have become hooked on the concept of the first, we will not be able to do without this second, which is the logical continuation. It is an unusual book that the horticulturist and history buff Bertrand Dumont offers with this umpteenth publication in 50 years of career. The author takes us on a walk through centuries and continents, not so much to help us improve our garden as to look at it differently.

Amazing fruit stories.

Amazing fruit stories.

multiworld editions

300 pages

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