Briefing on the “Strasbourg European Capital” Cultural Support Fund (14th three-year contract 2021-2023)


“European capital of Strasbourg” (14Y three-year contract 2021-2023)

Established by the State, the Grand Est Region, the European Community of Alsace and the City of Strasbourg

This invitation is addressed to all the cultural actors in Strasbourg and the region and, in general, to all those who can contribute with their cultural action to the European influence of Strasbourg.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022 at 2:30 p.m.
At the Rhine Palace – DRAC Grand Est
2, place of the Republic 67000 Strasbourg

For registration only:

Consolidate and expand the functions assumed by Strasbourg in its capacity as the seat of the European institutions

Strasbourg, the European capital, contributes to France’s influence in Europe and the world. To support this Central European position, a symbol of the relaunch of a shared European ambition, the State, the City and the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg, the Grand Est Region and the European Community of Alsace have been working together for more than 40 years around the financing of operations aimed at consolidating and expanding the functions assumed by Strasbourg in its capacity as the seat of the European institutions.
This association comes from article 43 of the law n°2014-58 of modernization of the territorial public action and affirmation of the metropolis of January 27, 2014 and is now registered in the VI of article L.5217-2 of the General Code of Local authorities.

The Culture Support Fund

Ensuring the European influence of Strasbourg by promoting European and democratic values ​​through culture

Article 2.3 of the three-year contract stipulates that this fund “is intended to promote and enhance the European dimension of projects led by creative structures, heritage structures and artists” in order to contribute to the development of the feeling of European citizenship.

The objectives

The actions generated by the culture fund must meet the following objectives:
– inclusion in associations with structures radiating at European and cross-border level;
– the development of projects associating internationally distributed actors and artists, and integrating the distribution of their works;
– Artistic exchange and collaboration projects with European countries: residencies, exhibitions, festivals, etc.;
– actions enabling the population and inhabitants of Strasbourg to take ownership of the projects and works thus created and to better understand and share European creation and heritage.

The type of actions that can be financed (not exhaustive)

creation / co-production – distribution – co-production and production – residence – exhibition – festival / event – mediation actions – artistic twinning…

Project leaders who can benefit from it

The beneficiaries of the fund must have the condition:
– association or foundation;
– social and solidarity company;
– a public body;
– networks of local authorities involving the city of Strasbourg, the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg, the European Community of Alsace or the Grand Est Region;
– a training, higher education or research institution.

Project selection

The selection of these projects will be carried out by the Mission of Strasbourg, European capital, in close collaboration with the signatories of the three-year contract.

More information

Download the specifications of the call “Fund Culture” for projects of 14Y three-year contract (2021/2023) “European Capital of Strasbourg”


pdf – 218KB



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