Culture in Bagnols: towards the creation of a collective to “build the future together”

The call of the Bagnols reggae association was heard by about 90 people, this Saturday, April 23.

Traders, citizens, cultural actors, neo-Bagnolais…, about 90 people responded to the invitation, on Saturday at noon, to a shared picnic to discuss the cultural future of the city, at the initiative of the Bagnols reggae association and professionals of the cultural sector.

Support the Bagnols reggae festival (cancelled) and become a driving force. General D, programmer and founder of the Studio One program (Raje radio), came from Nîmes: “We do not understand this cancellation. We have been supporting reggae in Bagnols for twenty years. We had to support people who move.”

“Culture keeps barbarism away, we need it now”

After a while in the town hall square, the cheerful troupe took refuge from a threatening sky in the gallery of the artist Hervé Philippe, where the exchanges lulled by the music of Loïc Gonzales continued. “We are proud and happy: this premiere in the rain is a success, with the presence of many people who act for culture. Many others who were unable to come let us know that they supported us.“said the artist.

The president of the Bagnols reggae association, Vincent Rochetin, hopes that “Positive energies will come together for our city. Culture keeps barbarism away, we need it right now”.

“We all make the same observations, no matter how much we come together to be proactive”summarized Elian Cellier, president of the Friends of Albert-André association, present with other members.

“It is true that there is a lack of listening on the part of the city council. We do not feel heard, and it is quite general. We have to be united to get ahead”, says a trader.

A second act to come

It is thanks to numerous discussions between six associations that the Maison des Alternatives Solidaires was born in 2010, shared in the assembly by Ghislaine and Dominique Pagès.

“The Dbending is good, but you also have to do it. Why not create a Mac, a House of Cultural Alternatives?Dominique launched. Ghislaine, who was elected for six years, adds: “There is no vision or cultural unity. What do we want to create in the long term? We were lucky to have blues and then reggae. We have nothing left.”

“There is great potential here”

Sylvie and Jean-François, who have been lending their wall at the entrance to the city for artistic advertisements for festivals for twenty years, stated: “We are not reggae fans, but this festival was great. We do not agree with the cultural policy of the City. We have a secondary house in a town in Lozère, more than things here, with artists in residence throughout the year. But here, there is enormous potential.”

Philippe Gobert, volunteer, music and sharing at heart, is happy with these warm exchanges: “Seeds have been sown, plants and fruits will grow. We want to build together.” “Ideas circulated between people from different circles”rejoices Brigitte Renaud, singer.

Not much is happening, we have to act for our territory.

“What is essentialadds Abdella Djaifri, from the Creatura association, it is democratic renewal. We are in the citizen actor. Stop unilateral decisions. If so many people are gathered today it is because many of us share this sweet feeling that not much is happening and that we must act for our territory.

Zero leadership and solidarity, this is the philosophy of this budding group. An email distribution list will be created. A second act must take place, in another form. “There is such beauty in everything that begins

smiles Hervé Philippe.

Excerpt from “Letters to a Young Poet” by Rainer Maria Rilke.

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