culture mourns singer Arno

The day after the death of the Belgian rocker at the age of 72, many personalities expressed their emotion.

A strong emotion runs through the world of culture since the announcement of Arno’s death. From Stromae to Mireille Mathieu, all generations pay tribute to the Belgian singer, who died on Saturday at the age of 72 from pancreatic cancer, at the end of a career spanning nearly four decades.

“Wherever you are, you have to listen to us, and I want you to know all the admiration and all the recognition that I have for you,” declares the singer Salvatore Adamo on BFMTV, for which Arno had taken charge of the song. Girls by the sea.”

Salvatore Adamo was going to meet Arno on stage in Belgium in March, which finally could not take place, as he explains: “A few days before the concert he called me to tell me that he was a little tired and that we would do it”. later. He was always hoping and believing that he would get better.”

For Cali, “he is our older brother of all of us who have just left”: “I think that is the path we must follow. Tell us that we live, that we die and that we must pass something in between. And with him something was happening, that’s for sure.”

“A great singer”

“I started to cry”, confesses the singer to the Parisian. When she learned of Arno’s death, Mireille Mathieu had just left a studio where she had recorded her part of a duet they were preparing. A two-voice version of The Farewell of the Dovebanner of the French, that the Belgian was going to include in his next album:

“He was the one who wanted us to sing this song together. So I called him to tell him that she was ready because I really like the singer,” she says. “I had never seen him, but Arno was a great artist, he had such a personal and unique way of singing, of writing his texts, of expressing himself in his art. Belgium is losing a great singer. He was also a fighter, a brave man “.

“I will never forget his laugh”

The host Nagui, historical host of the variety show taratataHe also expressed his emotion on Twitter: “How sad to hear of the departure of this wonderful artist,” he wrote, sharing an excerpt from Arno’s passage on his show, in 2006. On the PAF side, Denis Brogniart and Augustin Trapenard also greeted the memory of the singer.

In recent years, the singer of my mother’s eyes focused on the younger generation. Especially working with Stromae, with whom he went on stage last February to sing one of his first hits together, bitch bitch.

“It was with great sadness that I learned that you had left Tonton!” declares the singer of Health. “All my condolences to the family.”

Another representative of the revival of the French scene, the young Sofiane Pamart, a 31-year-old pianist-star, who collaborated on the album To live d’Arno, released in 2021: “I’m upset and very sad,” he confesses to the Parisian. “Releasing a duet album with him will always be one of the greatest honors of my career and my life (…) I will never forget his laugh, his generosity and his openness. Arno was real. He was always himself” . An emotion shared by the novelist Nicolas Mathieu, Prix Goncourt 2018:

“I don’t like concerts (…) however I went to see you four times. You were perhaps what produced the most rock in our old continent (…) I listened to you often and often at times when it was bad, “he wrote on Instagram. “Your songs weren’t helping me. The songs aren’t meant to heal us anyway. But they gave the right range to a certain quality of despair that I felt then, especially late, a little drunk, very lonely and coming home. There were hours of the dawn when nothing beats your tavern voice, scratchy and full of lost friends, that smelled of burned youth and sea girls. Only idiots believe that grief cannot laugh. In two weeks I’ll be in Brussels and Namur. . Maybe my head hurts because of your memory. Love.”

Various political figures have also paid tribute to the one who was compared to Alain Bashung and Tom Waits. Starting with the French Minister of Culture, Roselyne Bachelot. “Arno, your poetry, your soft raspy voice and your freedom will never cease to be missed”, she says on twitter. Philippe Close, mayor of Brussels, recalls that Arno had been named an honorary citizen of the Belgian capital: “We will no longer see his silhouette in the Sainte-Catherine district. Damn, we already miss him…”. he writes. Last night, Arno’s music played in the Grand Place until 11:00 p.m.

In addition, Philippe Close announces thata book of condolences was available at the Brussels City Hall this Sunday until 6:00 p.m., before the broadcast of Arno’s discography resumes at the Grand Place.

royal tribute

On February 21, in his usual black stage costume, Arno was welcomed under the gildings of the royal palace in Brussels for an interview with King Philippe, who had been hailed as “an icon of the Belgian music scene”. The official account of the royal palace spreads a photo of this interview.

“It is with sadness that we learned of the passing of Arno Hintjens. Arno was a lovable personality and an incredibly talented artist. His songs will be with us for a long time. Our thoughts are with his family and loved ones.”

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