Did McDonald’s Completely Ruin Tim Burton’s Batman Movie Release?

When he finds out about McDonald’s, Tim Burton has a bitter taste. Because the firm ruined the release of his Batman movie…

If you’re with Tim Burton, it’s best to avoid talking about McDonald’s. Because the fast food giant ruined the premiere of his Batman movie… MCE TV tells you everything, from A to Z!

Batman: a worldwide success

The Batman movies directed by Michael Keaton have had a great success all over the world. And they change over time. Recently, the distributor Warner Bros announced the premiere of Batman on the HBO Max platform.

And one thing is certain, Robert Pattinson’s performance is impressive. Even director Matt Reeves is stunned. This is what he revealed in an interview with KCRW:

No kidding, obviously, about what it is. One of the things that I found fascinating about working with him is that he works almost like a follower of the Method. And yet, we can see that he has access to his emotions. »

” He also has incredible control of your instrument. His way of moving. It is very technical. Very intentional. So I could say ‘I need it to be warmer’. And it got there very easily.

Going back in time, Tim Burton and Michael Keaton planned work together on batman. As a reminder, Burton directed Batman in 1989 and Batman Returns in 1992.

He also wanted to create another chapter in the Dark Knight’s life. Tim’s work it was a real success. So she had other plans.

How to collaborate with McDonald’s. Yes, yes, you hear right! For this reason, Warner Bros has reached an agreement with the fast food giant to produce toys in Happy Meals.

A project with McDonald’s that fails

Only here, this project did not see the light of day. So he turned on Warner Bros. And for cause! The characters offered by the restaurant giant sell were not unanimous.

cat Woman were considered too sexy for parents. The limited edition Batman brand mugs were not intended for children. In the end, this collaboration grossed $150 million less than its predecessor at the box office.

In order not to lose its financial agreement with McDonald’s, Warner Bros has decided to fire Burton. His ideas did not prosper. Like the return of Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman. Or the dark descent of Billy Dee William’s Harvey Dent in Two-Face.

Even the arrival of Robin Williams as Riddler, etc… Finally it was Joel Schumacher who replaced Tim Burton. Michael Keaton did not like these decisions. Therefore, he decided to resign as well.

This is why there is a strong possibility that Tim Burton no longer eats at McDonald’s from this day. His plans fizzled out. And that was very difficult for him to accept!

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