From the “Béziers painting” to Cime-Art, Pierre Soulié trained himself

Since the age of 12, the director of Cime-Art has been selling his drawings. After freelance experiences, he devoted himself to his school to offer training that he would have liked to follow.

While some people like to oppose innate and acquired work, Pierre Soulié has chosen to combine the two: using his innate talent to earn a living and create projects.

At 49 years old, Biterrois has been at the helm of Cime-Art for seven years, out of passion and vocation. Since he was 12 years old, his love for drawing and illustration was already noticeable: “I come from a family where my two older brothers drewsays the director of the private school of video games and animated films. Then I had teachers alert my parents that I had to push myself into illustration.”

And it was done, with the click of the year 1977 and the launch of the Star Wars series. “When I saw these movies, I thought, ‘I want to do creative work.'”, the person in question still smiles. Self-taught and probably resourceful from an early age, the young Pierre Soulié went to Béziers, with his portfolio and his creations, in particular India ink, and sold his first paintings in “Béziers cadre”.

“In one life, there are several lives”

He has an open mind and likes to think that “in one life, there are several lives”, the animation fan has not been confined professionally. From views of Béziers to drawings of animals, to conceptual drawings during the creation of the Disneyland park, Pierre Soulié has already seized every opportunity that was offered to him.

And even today, he wants to continue doing it. “Perhaps in a few years I will renew again. And why not as an amusement park manager?The tough guy is already amazed. What is certain is that if there is an opportunity in this direction, I will take it. Then once you’re retired, why not go back to drawing?”

Why not create something dedicated to these trades as I would have liked to have in my time?

Because after all his adventures as a designer, Pierre Soulié no longer spends his days in front of a blank sheet of paper and pencil in hand. “I discovered teaching when I was at the IUT in Béziers and I said to myself: why not create something dedicated to these professions as I would have liked to have in my time?”

From 2005 to 2014 he put aside artistic creation for the creation of his school. Even working on surveillance at the Auchan mall “for food purposes”, always with some success. Cime-Art was created in 2015 and in 2018 it became the benchmark for private video game and animation film schools of the Eduservices group.

Thirty people visiting

This Saturday was an open day at the Cime-Art. The establishment welcomed some thirty onlookers who visited the premises. In that day, Pierre Soulié’s establishment has 120 students but I don’t want to go over 150. “We want to maintain a school on a human scale, close to the students”assures the former professional illustrator.

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