Gharb: when avocado crops threaten forest property

For faiza senhaji on 04/24/2022 at 20:42

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Kiosk360. A worrying trend is observed near Kenitra, where the flourishing business of avocado farming appears to be at the expense of respect for forest property. This article is a press review of Al Akhbar daily.

It is a true environmental scandal that threatens forest property in the Kenitra region. Massive tree planting operations in the forestry sector have been on the rise lately, giving rise to new farms dedicated exclusively to avocado cultivation.

Is Al-Akhbar which reports the information in its edition of Monday, April 25, explaining that this fruit is now considered “green gold” in the Gharb region, since its cultivation is profitable. This pushes certain influential personalities in Kenitra to interfere in the lawyer’s business, even if it means breaking environmental rules, or even more.

The newspaper explains that it is land initially classified as collective that benefits these new avocado growers. To do this, they do not hesitate to install new farms in the middle of the forest domain, not exempt from threats to the environment.

Questioned on the subject by a written question from parliamentarians, Mohamed Seddiki, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests, refuted any responsibility in the authorization of these operations in the forest domain. He also explained that plantation operations had indeed taken place in the Gharb forest domain, but that this was part of partnerships with collective landowners to increase timber production in this part of the kingdom.

Al-Akhbar adds that the Minister also explained that part of the land in question had been the subject of a regulatory procedure initiated by the Ministry of the Interior in order to encourage the implementation of investment projects on certain collective land, and c This is the reason why some of the plots indicated today had already been removed from the forest estate.

As the newspaper recalls, as part of the management of the collective land file, the Ministry of the Interior had initiated several experiments, including the mobilization of these lands for the realization of projects. Except that middlemen lured by the potential profits from this project ultimately caused this operation to fail, even in the Gharb region. Other initiatives are now being tested in the region to attract a new class of farmers to establish a new dynamic in the sector.

By Fayza Senhaji


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