harry quebert is back

Now both writer and editor, the Swiss Joël Dicker offers this spring a fast-paced novel, impossible to put down: The case of Alaska Sanders. This novel marks the return of an unforgettable character: Harry Quebert. Brace yourselves, because there’s action to be had in this relentless investigation set largely in a small New Hampshire town. Frustrated loves, aborted dreams, bruised lives, colorful characters, suspense and unpredictable setbacks: Joël Dicker dazzles us.

As of April 1999, nothing will be the same in the small town of Mount Pleasant, New Hampshire. The body of the beautiful Alaska Sanders, recently arrived in the city, is found on the shore of a lake.

As the police manage to obtain the confessions of the culprit and his accomplice, the investigation is completed in a short time. But, in early 2010, the case was recovered. Sergeant Perry Gahalowood, convinced that he solved the crime at the time, receives an anonymous letter that disturbs him. Had they put him on the wrong path?

a trilogy

His friend, the writer Marcus Goldman, who had just achieved immense success with The truth about the Harry Quebert affair, will give you a hand to find out the truth. Many ghosts from the past will reappear… and among them, that of Harry Quebert.

“It’s an idea that started in 2009, when I started writing Harry Quebert, says Joël Dicker, in an interview. I always wanted to do a trilogy. I had the idea to make a sequel to Harry Quebert. baltimore book it’s actually volume 3, harry quebertvolume 1 and alaskan sanders Volume 2. It is a cycle: there are three books that go together, but there is no order that is required. It is a great fresco of the life of Marcus. »

Much of the action takes place in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

” I like it a lot. It’s super beautiful, it’s super wild. It was practical because it offered me a wild place and at the same time at the crossroads of all the cities I wanted to talk about. »

We learn a lot about Marcus, his personal quests, his love failures, his life as a writer.

“I have tenderness for this character. I created this character who became a successful writer. He’s crazy, this little guy I imagined he actually became a successful writer… but he’s not me. »

your own publisher

In addition, the Genevan writer has founded his own publishing house, Rosie & Wolfe.

“I thought about it since the death of my publisher in Paris, Bernard de Fallois, a very important man for me and whom I adored. When he passed away in 2018, he gave instructions that the publisher would not outlive him. When I knew that, I said to myself: what am I going to do? »

“I felt like I would betray Bernard if I went somewhere else and I didn’t want that. What if I embarked on an adventure quite similar to the one he did? The more he thought about it, the more sense it made to me. So I created Rosie & Wolfe, which is really a continuation of what he did and is a way of paying tribute to him and thanking him. It’s a big challenge, but it’s a challenge that gives me energy. »

The year 2022 is intense for Joël Dicker: he is promoting his new novel and has released his entire catalog at Rosie & Wolfe.

“In 2023 I am going to publish other books that speak to me, that I have liked, that are books through which I can tell something about literature. He plans to publish about two titles a year, at his own pace.

  • Joël Dicker is the author of five novels translated into 40 languages, of which more than 10 million copies have been sold.
  • his novel The truth about the Harry Quebert affair it was the best-selling French-language novel of the last decade in French publications.
  • His work has won prizes in several countries (Grand Prix du roman de l’Académie française and Prix Goncourt des lycéens, among others).
  • The truth about the Harry Quebert affair was adapted into a television series by Jean-Jacques Annaud, with Patrick Dempsey in the title role.
  • his novels The disappearance of Stephanie Mailer Y The riddle of room 622 they were also the best-selling books in France in 2018 and 2021.
  • He lives in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • He will visit Quebec at the end of April and offer signing sessions.


joel dicker

According to the license plate, the car belonged to a twenty-two-year-old woman: Alaska Sanders. In her passenger seat, there was a bag containing her driver’s license.

The mention of this name had caused a stir among the local police: Alaska was a young woman from Mount Pleasant.

– You would have to see her face to confirm that it is really her, Chief Mitchell explained to Gahalowood and Vance while the pathologist manipulated the inert body.

– What can you tell us about him? Vance asked.

– A girl with no history. She moved here a few months ago with her boyfriend. She worked at a nearby gas station. »

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