Instrumental music and racket at the heart of Ping Pong Go

Pierre-Emmanuel Beaudoin and Vincent Gagnon regularly rub shoulders on stage. They accompany various artists such as Hubert Lenoir, Ariane Roy and Keith Kouna. They were touring Europe with Lou-Adriane Cassidy when everything came to a halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020.

Forced into quarantine upon their return to Quebec, they took advantage of these two weeks of isolation to fulfill a dream they had cherished for a few years: composing an instrumental album.

The many overlapping show tours have always prevented them from delving into creating a joint album.

Pianist Vincent Gagnon has been invited to numerous jazz festivals for his personal projects. (Archive)

Photo: Radio-Canada / Hugo Pothier

In addition to accompanying singer-songwriters, Vincent Gagnon has his own jazz piano project. For Pierre-Emmanuel, it was the first time that he was involved in the composition of the works that he will perform on stage. I even created melodies. it’s my first band like front!

A complementary chemistry

The two musicians are used to rubbing shoulders. They have many points in common and their influences are complementary. i had so much funny from A to Z in this projectproudly launches Vincent Gagnon.

The pianist admits that the pleasure was not always there with his solo project due to the loneliness and the pressure he felt on his shoulders.

Player jazz

The band likes to describe their music as gamer jazz, a name they coined themselves. It was Vincent Gagnon who came up with this term that fits very well with his compositions.

The word jazz has been used too much. I have been so one jazz musician For a long time I have the right to call something that is not jazz jazz. Because it’s not jazz. Is he player jazz! »

a quote from Vincent Gagnon, Ping Pong Go

The one that is most often called PE, explains that the sound of Ping Pong Go can recall the jazz-rock of the 70s. We are far from intellectual music, we are much more playful.

And ping-pong in all this? During the creation of the album, the two musicians were surrounded by keyboards, drums and… a ping-pong table!

The album is available from April 14. The launch show will take place on Tuesday, April 26 at Studio Telus at the Grand Théâtre de Québec at 6 pm and the following day at Montreal’s Sala Rossa at the same time.

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