Jordane’s strength and vulnerability in Paper Queen

We can hear a change of style in all 10 tracks of the album. What explains this new direction?

Certainly, there is less folk than in the last albums. I felt like I didn’t give a fuck, honestly! I wanted to go with what came naturally to me. Yes, there are inspirations that are a bit song related, there are inspirations in the arrangements that are more pop, more Independent, almost alternating by sections. It really is something that is uninhibited and that I like. To name the style I would say that we are in the pop Independent.

What explains this change?

I think that the pandemic has redefined many things for many artists and I am one of them. I’ve wanted to explore something new for a long time. The sound has changed a lot. It is also in the way of doing it. It was really me who took the Leader of the composition in all the songs of the album.

There is something different that comes out of that. A new team with, among others, Colin Savoie-Levac who produced the album. There are also a lot of women on the album. In the themes, it is something that was important to me and I wanted it to be reflected in the team as well. There are more women than men playing on the album and I’m very happy with that.

Why was it important to have so many women in the project?

This is an observation that is becoming more and more present in relation to the fact that women are less represented in music. I think more and more about the generations to come and I find it interesting to give female role models, to see women playing music on television and in the studio. It has to become normal and not the exception.

To choose to surround yourself with more women, bring beautiful role models. It is a different and very pleasant energy. There is a lot of sweetness, a completely different humor often, a lot of listening. It is an environment in which I feel very well.

What topics are covered in paper queen?

They are songs in which I am more vulnerable than ever. Many difficulties experienced by women I know. For me too. There are many wounds that are shared and relevant to name. There is a part of that, but there is a lot of light, a lot of inspiration linked to my new environment, in Île d’Orléans. There are natural disasters, there is an important community spirit, a lot of mutual help and a lot of brotherhood. That’s what inspires me the most right now.

How was the recording?

The study was carried out in two phases. One phase in Montreal at Studio Chenapan and the other phase at home on Île d’Orléans! It was something that was very nice. We settled in, the whole crew, we did the vocals, the piano, the vibes, the guitars… We fell more into a vacation mode where we really had all day to do our stuff, settle in and try to do business. We really invaded my living room!

Taking advantage of the time when you are in the studio is an opportunity that not everyone has. We were able to do it at home on the Island.

the album show paper queen will take place on May 4 at the Studio Telus of the Grand Théâtre de Québec.

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