Les Aventuriers Voyageurs present their new film entitled Northern Italy

Les Aventuriers Voyageurs invite everyone to live a spectacular experience on the big screen with the presentation of the travel film entitled north of Italy, for RGFM Cinema Joliette.

After directing three films for Voyager adventurersMartin Généreux and Michèle Deguise want to surpass themselves with the spectacular images of their new film to the rhythm of dolce vita.

The latter will be shown in more than 50 cinemas in Quebec, and in the Lanaudière region it will be available on the big screen, on Wednesday, April 20 at 7:00 p.m. and on Sunday, April 24 at 4:00 p.m.

In addition, during these projections the directors will be present.

Places that leave no one indifferent

The film proposes to follow Michèle and Martin in the discovery of northern Italy in a spectacular way. This road trip allows you to explore an unexpected Italy, get to know the sublime mountains of the north and feel the sweetness of its lakes.

The charming and colorful villages of the Cinque Terre are a real eye-catcher. Everyone can thus be guided in the romantic places of the legendary story of Romeo and Juliet or in the canals of Venice.

You will be able to meet endearing people passionate about their art, as well as gastronomy that tickles the palate. This film invites you to let yourself be seduced by the Dolce Vita.

passionate travelers

Michèle, a graduate in tourism management, is always curious to get in touch with people of different origins and cultures. She is trilingual, she will also learn the basics of other languages ​​to get closer to the inhabitants of the countries she visits.

Martín, a graduate in hospitality, croupier, epicurean by nature, will go after his dreams taking advantage of the present moment to live authentic experiences. Both lovers of freedom, they have traveled together to the four corners of the world for 30 years.

From the glaciers of Alaska and Iceland to the Sahara desert passing through Europe, Asia and Indonesia, from the majestic peaks of volcanoes to the seabed of French Polynesia, both accumulate no less than 40 destinations that they lovingly discover outside the beaten paths.

Remember that, founded in 2008 by Yannick Gervais, Les Aventuriers Voyageurs presents travel films throughout Quebec in more than 50 cinemas, theaters, schools, nursing homes and for rent on the Internet.

To see the movie trailer north of Italy and know the transmission dates join the website of the Traveler Adventurers at lesaventuriersvoyageurs.com/portfolio/Italie-du-Nord/

The invitation is launched to dream and live the experience of traveling on the big screen. Tickets are available at the cinema box office.

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