Montcalm hosts the Quebec Student Film Festival

While young filmmakers lack opportunities to present their work, the Quebec Student Film Festival will screen 51 films at the Cartier Cinema. The theme “Back to the Sources” celebrates the 20th edition while many offer committed films. Partner of SPIRA and Kinomada, the event will give rise to conferences and exchanges of filmmakers.

After two virtual editions, the Quebec Student Film Festival aimed to return to theaters, explains the president of the Quebec Student Film Festival, Dominik Harvey. The event will take place at the Cartier Cinema, from March 25 to 27, 2022.

On the menu, 51 short films, three conferences by experienced directors and discussions on film production.

“Filmmakers who come to see us at a conference do so to give back. They are professionals and return to their origin. For example, when they were making movies with little means and they were in school. It is this encounter that we wish to encourage. »

Behind the Festival is the desire to make it a springboard for the next generation. For example, Dominik Harvey remembers that last year someone intervened to talk about the situation of women in the world of cinema and television.

Already confirmed, the director behind The Battle of Faro, Édouard Tremblay will be present on March 27. The president of the Festival announces that the director will intervene at the beginning of the day for an interview in order to review his career and his cinematographic future. Two other speakers will be announced shortly.

A gathering at the Galway Pub will close the festival at 7:30 p.m.

Likewise, the next call for films will take place in the winter of 2022.

compromised movies

As for the programming of the 51 films, it is based on the work of students from the province. Most come from Concordia, INIS, UQAM or Laval University, notes Dominik Harvey. “It is good that we have the participation of Université Laval, despite the lack of a film program. Originally, twenty years ago, the Quebec Student Film Festival was called the Université Laval Film Festival.

According to Dominik Harvey, it is the committed films that stand out this year in the programming. A dozen of them will be screened on March 26, in particular with the theme of violence suffered by women and violence of a sexual nature.

“This type of issue affects young people a lot. They have been voiced in movies that are often very good or very attractive. It is very moving “

“I have the impression that the pandemic has greatly influenced short films, topics such as looking for yourself, the pain of everyday life, mental health,” he adds.

This year, university production stands out among the strong points of this 20th edition. “It’s good that we get college-level movies of such good quality. They are very comparable to college-level movies,” says Dominik Harvey.

Cinema in Quebec and around Quebec

After a film and media course at Cégep Limoilou, Dominik Harvey headed for a certificate of studies in film at Université Laval, which is the only program dedicated to cinema. “There is no baccalaureate in cinema like the one at Concordia University or UQAM,” he says.

“Teachers have really been asking for it for a number of years in Quebec. I think it would be relevant, because before the film industry in Quebec, it was only in Montreal. In recent years, many organizations, people, ensembles are made in Quebec. I am thinking of organizations like SPIRA and the local production of LAMEL. »

Still studying for another certificate, as well as working in the film industry, he supports the relevance of a university film program in Quebec City, even if there is one for animated film.

“For a few years now, people have been bringing projects to Quebec, so it’s possible to have a film career there. It translates into a lawsuit! I think the University will have no choice but to create a bachelor’s degree, because there is a need in Quebec. »

According to Dominik Harvey, some members of the student community are also hoping that a program will emerge.

On March 17, you could read on the Facebook page of the Quebec Student Film Festival: Université Laval yesterday presented a new degree in cinema and digital culture. The first cohort is scheduled for fall 2022. Student and faculty requests have been heard! »

A Facebook event has been created for the festival. Additional information is also available on their website.

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