Moving art project: an invitation to creators

It is with great pleasure that the team responsible for the development of the Art-et-Nature-des-Appalaches (SANA) trails invites local artists to a creative event that will take place from Friday, September 30 to Sunday, October 2. , as part of the Culture Days, on the SANA site in Saint-Ferdinand.

In collaboration with the Municipality of Saint-Ferdinand, the SANA team is launching the Art-en-Mouvement project. The latter will focus on the theme of doors: these doors that we cross to access another world, symbols of freedom, passage, discovery and openness. The committee sincerely hopes that the artists here are interested in coming to create, as a team, a unique work that will surprise visitors during their visit to SANA.

At the end of the call, five teams will be selected to participate in this unique land art event, an artistic movement that uses nature as a material to create semi-permanent works in the open air. Each of these teams will be invited to create a work in situ on a labyrinth-shaped path that will extend over the imposing rock that dominates the heart of SANA.

The terms and conditions related to participation in the project are described below.


Site work will take place from Thursday, September 29 through Sunday, October 2, 2022.


The works must respect the theme – the doors – and meet the following criteria:

• Maintain a relationship with the territory and be at its service;

• Respect the history of the site;

• Use natural materials;

• Weather resistant permanently or can be restored in the spring, if necessary.

SANA contribution

• The SANA will provide the documentation related to the history of the place and all the information to be known about the project as a whole: place, positioning of the works, size of the works, etc.

• Likewise, it will provide the teams with the necessary equipment, tools and machinery, in accordance with the needs expressed when submitting the proposals, in particular:

o Stones (small and large);

o Finishing stone;

o Wood: beams, posts, branches;

or mulch;

or spindle;

or Metallic.

• Advice and technical support will be offered before and during assembly.

• Participants will be fed throughout the event and lodging will be provided for people coming from outside.

• Each team will receive a remuneration of $750 and will be duly identified in the presentation of the work and the publicity of the event.

To participate

Each interested team must submit a letter of intent by May 15 to Then, the complete file proposing a work must be sent to the same email no later than May 30. For this, the teams must provide:

• Detailed file of the team members and photo of each one;

• The title of the work;

• A sketch or model of the work;

• A brief description of the achievement;

• Materials brought by the team and materials to be provided by SANA.

This project is possible thanks to the financial support of the Government of Quebec and the MRC de L’Érable within the framework of the Cultural Development Agreement.

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