Music from the electric Fiat 500 commercial with Leonardo DiCaprio

Fiat presents the new electric model that makes you green. The Fiat 500, small in size but big in potential, reveals its incredible performance in a new advertising campaign. The music of the ad is the song by the duo Katyna Ranieri and Nino Rota entitled ” The good life “.

The Fiat 500 Electric 2022

The Italian car manufacturer Fiat returns to power with its model 100% electric of the Fiat 500. Long ago this mini city car first launched in the 1950s sported a 13 hp twin-cylinder engine. But why change a winning team? The Fiat 500, small and endearing, is a legendary car and just needed a facelift. Therefore, Fiat has made changes to its electric model launched last year.

existing in 13 pitches, the all-electric Fiat 500 is both a step back in time and a giant leap into the future. Equipped with the latest technology, it also has a range of 320 km.

The advertisement of the Fiat 500 Electric with Leonardo DiCaprio

the new announcement fiat 500 electric with Leonardo DiCaprio now places him as a passenger in the vehicle. The actor walks out of his trailer while he is on a film set. As his driver hands him the keys to another car, Leonardo tosses him the key to his Fiat 500. The physically imposing man has a skeptical look on his face and seems concerned about the size of the vehicle.

Leonardo DiCaprio shoots at this moment the opening of the hood and puts on his sunglasses. The driver then takes the wheel. As the kilometers pass, a smile settles on his face and we feel that he really enjoys driving the electric Fiat 500. Also, Leo comments that he missed the street where he was supposed to, which he seems to have done on purpose to enjoy this moment more.

Who is the model of the Fiat 500 electric ad?

To promote its new Fiat 500, the Italian car brand has decided to keep Leonardo Dicaprio. In fact, the actor was already a brand ambassador when his 100% electric model released in late 2020. Leonardo DiCaprio became known for his legendary role as Jack in the legendary film “Titanics”. From this Hollywood box, the actor, who is among the sexiest and most talented in the film industry, has come a long way. He is also known for his tumultuous love life and his many conquests.

Leonardo DiCaprio has appeared in several productions that have been very successful in theaters. He managed to remain an undisputed star on the big screen. He is also very active in protecting the environment. DiCaprio thus created his foundation that fights to guarantee the sustainable development of the planet. Leonardo DiCaprio has won countless awards throughout his career, whether in the United States, Canada or England, among others.

What is the music of the Fiat 500 electric commercial?

To promote its new 100% electric model, Fiat has chosen an Italian classic. This is the song ” The good life “ of the duo Broken Boy Y katyna ranieri. The song released in 1960 was originally the soundtrack for Federico Fellini’s film of the same name.

Broken Boy is an orchestra conductor and music composer of Italian nationality. He has several film and television soundtracks to his credit. But he also operas, ballets, concerts, symphonies and chamber music.

katyna ranieri She was an Italian actress and singer with a velvety voice. She began singing in places reserved for the military before embarking on a variety show career. Katyna lands in the cinema but will only appear in two productions. She finally made the decision to dedicate herself to her passion, music.

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