Patrick Watson’s charm is still operating in Better in the Shade

During the pandemic, Patrick Watson returned to reading, which had given him a lot of trouble when he was younger due to dyslexia. The advent of audiobooks allowed him to absorb inspiring works such as Son of Jesus, by Dennis Johnson, Waves (Waves), by Virginia Woolf, and fever Dream, by Samantha Schweblin.

One of the most important things about writing is reading. So I did a recall exercise of all the reading I wish I had done when I was younger.explains the musician, who had several recommendations from his wife, the novelist Heather O’Neill.

[J’ai aussi lu] Lesser known books like the big notebook (The notebook), by Agota Kristoff. It is one of the best books I have ever read, it changed my life in many ways.

Amon Tobin and modular synthesizers

musically, better in the shade It won’t mislead fans of Patrick Watson, but his piano is here covered in electronic sounds created mainly thanks to modular synthesizers. The musician claims to have become familiar with the instrument from his friend Amon Tobin, flagship producer of the Ninja Tune electronic music label.

Modular synthesizers are distinguished from classic synthesizers or computer-controlled MIDI keyboards by their great versatility in terms of sound design, which is highly modular.

The addition of modular synths allowed for a warmer, more soulful and fluid approach to electronic tones, sounding just as acoustic as the rest of the instruments.explains the musician in a press release.

A shorter album, a sign of our times

With seven new tracks, the album is a bit shorter than what we’ve received from the artist in the past. A decision that stems in particular from the way people listen to music in 2022, much more individually than in the context of a complete work.

When you look at the numbers on Spotify, the great albums, there’s no one listening to that anymore. No longer exists. The music industry has changed and there is no reason to go back and do what we did 20 years ago.summarizes.

It also gives me the opportunity to release albums more often and take more risks. I find it artistically more interesting than making an album every three years.

The unsuspected magic of small moments

Listening, Patrick Watson’s seven new songs force an introspection that oscillates between joy and melancholy. The effect is particularly moving in the contemplative. Little momentsfourth song on the album, which gives another flavor to the little moments of everyday life.

If you make normal life awesome, that means you’re good at what you do. »

a quote from patrick watson

the instrumental piece Ode to Viviane is also a nod to Vivan Maier, an American street photographer and documentarian who died in 2009, whose photos were discovered after her death in a warehouse.

The reason I like his photos is that he takes the little moments [de la vie], and she makes them magical. I think it’s a great gift that an artist can give people.

This text was written froman interview conducted by Eugénie Lépine-Blondeaucultural columnist on the show all one morning. Comments may have been edited for clarity or conciseness.

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