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An extraordinary exhibition

Organized for many years by the city of Pfastatt and the Municipal Office for Sports, Arts and Leisure (OMSAL), the exhibition Pfastatt’Art brings together a panel of professional artists around a specific theme every two years. For this edition, it is contemporary art, and more particularly street and pop arts, that are in the spotlight. And for the occasion, the famous Mulhouse sculptor David Zeller has generously agreed to sponsor the event.

“ZED, our sponsor for this edition, is well known in the region and far beyond. His success is mainly due to his Flexos, little men made of Plexiglas, steel or bronze, who embody the Human in all his universality. We are very happy to have him with us this year.” explains Elisabeth Ellerbach, painter and collagist and city councilor in charge of culture in Pfastatt.

ZED, the human in all its forms ©Jean-François Frey

Professional artists with varied works.

If the circles of pop art and street art share the same interest in colorful creations, the themes and materials differ, at the service of an originality whose secret only these fields hold. The artists then manage to distinguish themselves by their respective singularities. While the Pfastattois Sabri Hajheri advocates emotion in her paintings, Annabelle Amory tries rather to match her deep convictions with the world around her, associating collages and painting.

Pfastatt'Art: a contemporary art fair like no other, Annabelle Amory
Annabelle Amory, collage and painting contrasts

As for the sculptors, Anne-Catherine Muller offers an enigmatic imaginary world, oscillating between mythology and the sacred, while Éric Junod strives to re-enchant wood marked by time, in a logic of recycling.

Pfastatt'Art: A Contemporary Art Fair Like No Other, Anne-Catherine Muller
Anne-Catherine Muller, mythological and sacred imagination

A moment of conviviality

But what makes the particularity of Pfastatt’Art, is above all its ease of use. In a space of intimate proportions, the proximity between artists and public is facilitated. The visit becomes conducive to exchanges, discussions and meetings, which give full meaning to the event.

Additional information

  • Address: Maison des Associations, 26 rue de Kingersheim in Pfastatt
  • Dates and times: Saturday, April 30 from 2 to 8 p.m. and Sunday, May 1 from 2 to 6:30 p.m.
  • Free entry.
  • News found on Facebook.

Complete list of artists present during the weekend:


  • Hottinger Mireille
  • Carole Legault
  • Dri Lana Visual
  • diodati eve
  • marjorie fuchs
  • Nathalie Scherer
  • Babette-Ellerbach
  • jump matthew
  • michel galliot
  • amory annabelle
  • Hipper Jean-Claude
  • Jelsch Doris
  • Stephany Mueller
  • Albert Hartweg
  • hajheri sabri
  • julie danglade
  • Net Nadine


  • Thirion Francois
  • Eric Junod
  • charles lahely
  • Anne-Catherine Muller


Aware Sunday, April 24, 2022 at 10:00

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