Stone cutting, an art that has seduced

Sully-sur-Loire. stone cutting arouses the enthusiasm of young people. On Friday, the two stone sculpture workshops organized at the Belvedere in Saint-Benoît-sur-Loire ended. For three half days each, they brought together two groups of a dozen adolescents and pre-adolescents from the Val de Sully community of municipalities because, to practice stone cutting in complete safety, a minimum size is required.

The idea for these workshops was born from a fortuitous meeting in the Belvedere between the animation team and Florent Marois, a professional stonemason, originally from the place, who participated in the restoration of the basilica.

Very attached to the site, he wanted to participate in this original experience to share his art and make known a little-known profession.

Permanent advice from Florent Marois

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From photos of the details of the basilica’s portico tower, a star, bird, bear, bull or other lion were selected and copied onto tracing paper.

From there, the young men transferred the tracings to blocks of tuff 30 centimeters by 20 centimeters, then began to rough the stone, refining it as they went. The sculptures appeared little by little under the permanent advice of Florent.

The young people quickly appropriated the names of the tools and the techniques used with or without a hammer to roughen or refine the size, without forgetting, of course, the measuring instruments such as the ruler and the square.

After hundreds of hits with hammers and scissors, and without any damage, all the children left with their carved stone with a deep memory in memory of a new look at the heritage that they have left us, over the centuries, all the stonemasons, anonymous workers, whose collective works always crush us with their perfection.


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