The secret of the Lost City can now be seen in Dark Halls!

Are you looking for a good show to keep you busy this weekend? Well this 2022 movie from Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum is a good choice!

Among the blockbusters soon to be released in theaters, “The Secret of the Lost City” definitely top of the list for moviegoers. They are just waiting for that!

Just released, the long-awaited film has already dethroned a promising title that was at the top of the American box office, the batman ! Without further ado, let yourself be carried away by this series of information about this movie! It’s in the paragraphs below!

Cinema 2022: What is the feature film about?

This 2022 film brings to the forefront two characters named Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum. The latter were found both tied to each other in a very bad position. In fact, these are inside an abandoned tomb surrounded by snakes! We can tell that these two had a pretty nasty start to the scene!

Basically this sequence was inspired by Lost Ark released in 1981 with reference to Indiana Jones and the other adventurers. Sandra Bullock then finds herself facing her enemy in the midst of the most intense discussion. But to her surprise, she deleted as if by magic all the elements that surround it. This is where the 2022 movie “The Secret of the Lost City” begins!

In this 2022 film, Sandra will play the role of Loretta Sage, a novelist. The disappearance of her husband changed her life forever. Which led him into a deep depression despite the huge success of her novel! However, she must keep her head up and submit to the promotional events for her latest book!

The worst was yet to come, Loretta was forcibly kidnapped by the wealthy Fairfax during a meeting with his fans! Objections by which it seems that the man really wants find the so-called lost city that he mentioned in his novel. The novelist had no choice but to go on a jungle adventure with her kidnapper! Fortunately, Allan, her trusty sidekick, is there to rescue him! She Finds the Complete in 2022 Movie!

The ideal program to spend time with the family

In fact the movie 2022 The secret of the lost city It is above all an adventure comedy that is supported by sarcastic humor of quite eccentric characters. We find, for example, Kathleen Turner who embodies the role of another adventurous novelist! The latter will fly to Colombia to save her sister who has been kidnapped!

She’s not going on an adventure alone! She will be accompanied by Michael Douglas, an essential character, a source of good humor! Your journey of hers will be full of funny moments and memorable scenarios! However, this 2022 movie is still holding on to some gravitas! This was also the case for Jumanji (2017) and the feature film Dora (2019).

Brad Pitt’s various appearances are definitely the most entertaining parts of this 2022 movie! Although the latter only appears for a short time! However, it is not the unpredictable gags that are missing from this film. And if the characters seem to invest and make the most of their adventures, this is definitely not the case for Sandra Bullock !

In fact, the latter does not seem to show the slightest pleasure! Making the role of him a very unwieldy character, it’s the kind of attribution we hated on the first appearance! However, in the course of the adventures, he will gradually lower his guard. Stop opening yourself up to the world!. Also, this 2022 movie promises to be enjoyable to watch with its natural and classic setting!

Movie 2022: a rich cast!

As we said before, Channing Tatum will be in this 2022 movie. He will embody the role of a servant knight Who will come to the rescue of the damsel in distress! It must be said that this is his most recent screen appearance, at least for the moment! Until now, there had been no announcement yet about the upcoming role that she will play in other feature films.

Furthermore, the viewers will be able to notice a side of Hollywood about the casting of this 2022 movie. In fact, it’s because the latter relies so much on his comedic side! And in addition to Loretta Sage and Alan, there’s also actor Daniel Radcliffe, the eccentric billionaire obsessed with hunting for his treasure. Brad Pitt and Da’vine Joy Randolph will also be at the game!

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