The story of the Acadians of Prince Edward Island told in a book

The book was long awaited by the island’s Acadian community. After nine years, the project materializes and the book is finally published.

So now having this volume for reference is a real gift, that’s all! A true gift!says Antoinette Perry, Lieutenant Governor of Prince Edward Island.

The book is written by Linda Lowther and Georges Arsenault. Through short, illustrated stories, the book helps pass on the history of the island’s Acadians to future generations.

“The Prince Edward Island Academy, 300 Years of History” was written by Linda Lowther and Georges Arsenault.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Julien Lecacheur

In order to have it accessible to our students and tell it in an interesting way, it was very important to make itsays René Hurtubise, Director of French Language Programs and Services at the Ministry of Education.

An accessible and easy to read book, which aims to attract the curiosity of young and old.

Read a text and think wow, I want to know more, because there is much more to say about the history of the island in our communities, in our people, on the Internet. Then history is no longer a matter of a book that tells us everything we need to know. To me, they’re just little tidbits of what’s in the book that makes us want to know more.Rene Hurtubise says.

300 years of history, 300 years of French being spoken on the island, and what the future holds – that too depends a lot on our schools and parents of course! »

a quote from Georges Arsenault, co-author

According to one of the authors, the book is out of the ordinary. Little things that aren’t necessarily found in traditional history books, so I think young people will have fun discovering these elements of social life and it finally brings the book to life.Georges Arsenault says.

An open book on a table.

Through short and illustrated stories, the work allows the history of the Acadians for 300 years to be transmitted to future generations.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Julien Lecacheur

Some 1,500 copies of the book have already been distributed to French-speaking schools and those offering the French immersion program on Prince Edward Island. The book will be used more starting next school year in September.

Some students have already consulted it and claim to have appreciated it, emphasizing that they will be able to pass on their knowledge to their children later on.

The book will be reassessed in about ten years and many expect it to be translated into English by then, including Georges Arsenault.

It gives a lot of value, it highlights who we are and also in the eyes of others, so I hope the ministry wants to do an English translation.he said.

According to Julien Lecacheur’s report

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