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Visual Credit: Nisrine Nail – Artistic Director

Column written by Malek Ben Amar – Journalist

We are part of a consumer society, which means that we tend to swallow everything without reveling in it. Even art these days doesn’t seem distinguished or innovative. The works are similar and tastes are sometimes imposed on us. What does this say for the future of a lesser known art, sung poetry?

The The most famous of the week in my account Spotify they are always similar. These pieces, often lasting no more than three minutes, seem quite comparable to the Fast food : consumables, but no benefits. Unpublished musical works, especially sung poetry, are not ideal for everyone. These, on their way to extinction, make us meditate on the disturbing future of the fourth art.

Two arts in one

I did not know the existence of sung poetry until the day the gold mine Youtube brought to light, in its random and random readings, ” Snow storm »my favorite song of WILDCAT. In addition, the sung poetry makes me think of this exceptional musical group., thanks to which I was able to capture the beauty that embodies this unstoppable notion of spoken word.

It’s about the poetry very well combined with the right rhythm and melody. Each song tells a particular story that constitutes a true journey, leaving aside the dullness of monotonous life and pointing to the portals of intense and sensational feelings, beyond all superficiality.

The poem here is not a simple recitation, but rather a force that involves the choice of text and the relevance of the composition. Uniting the two arts in one is an initiative that is both tempting and original, juggling sometimes with sound, sometimes with words, and this with all possible vocal dexterity. Not only is it light to listen to, musical poetry features an eye-catching format that makes poetry writing accessible to all.

An original musical genre…

The new generations appreciate less and less the literary works designed only to be read or recited. However, these people may not be aware of what lies behind the sung poetry: genuine moments of emotion, musical backgrounds to delight in, and unparalleled linguistic ability.

If the youth of today are not really attracted to these classic verses and these complicated stories, they find them boring, even inconceivable, the spoken word It takes over. She lightly expresses her inner thoughts, without implying all that complexity that scares them.

If you are lost in your artistic choices, confused between wordiness and heaviness, this original concept is for you. It came to balance the incomprehensibility of the old with the frivolity of the new, offering everyone the opportunity to assimilate the content while reflecting and delving into its depths.

…but still unknown

Musical poetry, despite incessant media campaigns, continues to struggle to gain a foothold in the hearts of fans of short, empty and dry titles. Is it the standard song length postage that makes all this difference in the figures? If this musical genre mostly gives rise to lyrics and still remains unknown, are we fond of the futility of meaning and the noise of choruses?

Without any justice, the law of transmission It further promotes short titles over relatively long ones. Consequently, these advantageous sound fragments are much more abundant in our feeds and occupy the first positions of the lists.

In this vicious circle, the same cause always implies the same result, and the sung poems have long been buried in these voracious platforms. There remains a simple question: if the spoken word remains faithful to its principles and does not follow that undeniable tendency to shorten its duration, will it one day be in danger of extinction?

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