A new future is emerging for books: Extended Book

What are the Extended Books and what is their main purpose? Extended books allow access, in a dedicated online space linked to the book by a QR code, to a quantity of digital content related to the book in question, which can be considered a starting point to collect materials and information to investigate a topic . or question

It can be a variety of content accessible online, such as interviews, videos, audio file reviews… The book is then enriched with multimedia components and can also receive suggestions from readers.

go beyond the book

To access the content, simply scan the QR code found on the back cover of the book or enter the short URL found inside the book. The editor’s role is thus expanded: he can go beyond the limits of the book and accompany the reader in the discovery of a new theme, related to the book in question.

Extended Book can also be integrated with the ISBN-A standard, the ISBN agency service that allows you to create an online presentation page of the book’s additional content, accessible via a QR code.

Finally, the Extended Book platform can also be used as a marketing tool. Publishers can track consumer behavior and understand how readers act and, on this basis, better organize their offer.

A project that goes international

Many publishers have started or are starting to use Extended Book: Touring Club, Hoepli, SEM, Leone Verde, Sonda, Italo Svevo, Bibliografica, Astragalo, to name a few. After the great interest aroused by the Buchmesse, the Bologna Children’s Book Fair (BCB Fair) and the London Book Fair will also be an opportunity to resume negotiations with many prestigious foreign operators. Extended Book was created as a project for all publishers, of all sizes and specializations. “, he explains toIl Giornale della libreriaMauro Morellini, creator and project manager of the service company Bold, in partnership with Argento Vivo.

The platform is also developed in collaboration with Meta and is gaining more and more members all over the world.

In addition to the collaboration with the Italian ISBN agency, the project attracted the interest of MVB (Germany), Kunstantajat (Finland), ABK (Bulgaria), EST (Estonia), SCKN (Czech Republic) and EPA (United Arab Emirates).adds Mr. Morellini. “But we have also been in contact with important publishers from the Anglo-Saxon world, such as Thames & Hudson and PAN Macmillan. Extended Book is a registered trademark for the whole of Europe and will gradually be used in other countries, ensuring strong recognition for the reader.»

Photo Credits: Clever Visuals/Unsplash

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