Albert-Dumouchel Prize Residency for the Next Generation 2021 – School of Art

Engramme offers a two-week research and creation residency for Alexandra Mailhot and Carolanne Bélanger. These artists graduated from the School of Art (2021 and 2022) received a mention from the jury of the Albert-Dumouchel Prize for emerging artists 2021. They also benefit from:

Congratulations to the winners of the 2021 Albert-Dumouchel Prize for the next generation!

Presentation of his work on May 4, 2022 at 4:30 p.m. in Méduse

intention to work

As part of their residency, the artist duo formed by Carolanne Bélanger and Alexandra Mailhot will explore the notions of interpersonal relationships through encounters and discussions. The topics addressed such as motherhood, compassion, corporality, etc., will be treated by means of serigraphy, etching and text. The artists try to put together a moving dossier influenced by these encounters. The montage of fictitious or real emotional archive documents helps to develop the reflection they have on the themes and complicates the reading of the work. The proposed artist’s book is made up of sections that give it the appearance of a file. The documents of the book are assembled by formal and emotional bonds perceived by the artists. The proposed schemes are not fixed and give the possibility of creating various readings or keeping the reflection in motion.

Carolanne Belanger is an artist from Quebec, she prefers the medium of sculpture and printmaking in her practice. The artist herself explores notions of imprinting and representation of the female body, making it visible despite her absence. The body is at the center of her concerns, because it is the host of all our experiences. The artist herself navigates in a convulsive universe where motherhood and illness coexist.

Alexandra Mailhot He lives and works in Québec. His works, which have a therapeutic function, are guided by strategies from neuroscience, cognition, conditioning and language. Through these, she attempts to significantly reprogram his ways of thinking in order to take control of his identity development. His works take the form of interrelated sound installations, user manuals, photographs or interactive portraits.

The Albert-Dumouchel Prize for Emerging Artists promotes the emergence of new practices in the print arts by celebrating the audacity and quality of research of emerging artists. It is intended for students enrolled in 1Ahem cycle in visual arts or any other related program whose practice is related to the printed arts. Each year, a jury of industry professionals selects the finalists who have the opportunity to display their work at Arprim during the group exhibition Première impression. In particular, the grand winner receives a two-week residency at a print art production center accompanied by a creation grant.

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