Bran Van 3000 is back on the road, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the “Glee” album.

Seven years after their last show, Bran Van 3000 will hit the road again to commemorate the album’s 25th anniversary. Happiness. The Montreal collective will tour Canada this summer and then take a trip around the world.

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“We are there. We are starting to put it together”, says the soul of the group James “Bran Man” Di Salvio, during an interview.

Bran Van 3000 rocked the music world in 1997 with the megahit drinking in LA A success that adds 24 million reproductions on Spotify.

The group won the Juno Award for Best Alternative Album in 1998 and the Most Successful Félix for Quebec Artist in a Language Other Than French. Jean Leloup made an appearance in Happiness in the room forest.

Some dates of this tour are known. On May 22, at Toronto’s Fizz Fest 2022 event and on June 4, on an outdoor stage, for the reopening of Café Summum de La Baie. We can also see them on July 21 at the Festif! of Baie-Saint-Paul. Other show dates will be confirmed soon.

After a series of concerts in Canada, the eclectic group from Montreal will give concerts in England, Japan and South America.

Most of the members of the collective will return for this series of shows.

“Stephane Moraille, Sarah Johnston, EP, Bergen, Liquid will appear depending on their availability. It will be as many as we can,” said Di Salvio, during a telephone interview on the sidelines of the 25th anniversary of Happiness.

The projects of James DiSalvio

Based in Montreal and Los Angeles, James Di Salvio, now 53, assures that he did not become a wealthy independent with the mega-hit Bran Van 3000. In recent years he claims to have carried out several artistic projects without giving too many details. In 2010, he had financial problems and was close to bankruptcy, but “everything is fixed”.

I could take advantage of the Bran Van 3000 tour to release new material. Always active, he always tries, as he says very humbly, to learn how to make music.

“I know I have songs in my drawers,” said the DJ, filmmaker and musician.

The gardenBran Van 3000’s last album dates back to 2010.

“I have three albums actually that haven’t been released. there is one called Escape from Malibu. I also did a lot of work, here and there, on the set and music for a trilogy titled Kozmika. I don’t know how to get all this out. I don’t have a record company behind me and I hope I can do that. I want to complete this project,” she said.

On the eve of reviving Bran Van 3000, Bran Man realizes the scope of this small project that he started from scratch.

“I’ve talked to a lot of people in the last few hours because of the 25Y birthday Happiness. I have the impression, with everything that is happening at the moment, that it will help relaunch my musical career. Does it move. I appreciate what is happening and it touches me. I feel like this is the start of a second chapter,” she said.

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