In Strasbourg, 17 works of art are now hidden throughout the university campus

In Strasbourg, research projects and scientific exhibitions are on the rise. The opportunity to mix the talent of researchers with that of artists and even with that of students. Last example? An ambitious outdoor exhibition of more than fifteen works, which begins today. Your name ? Supplementary Elements.

Supplementary Elements represents a collaborative project between artists, researchers, collection managers and students, which has lasted four years, and which is joined by the University Service for Cultural Action (Suac), with the support and artistic advice of Emeline Dufrennoy. Also, for those wondering the origin of the project’s name, in the scientific literature, the images are arranged in the ” supplementary information », and are used to illustrate the point of view of the researcher, but also to make the content of the text of an article more accessible.

A work trip outdoors across campus

Four years after the start of the project, the inhabitants of Strasbourg will be able to admire this exhibition, which starts this Monday, April 25 and will last until Sunday, May 22. But Supplementary Elements is not just any exhibition. It is an outdoor route, with 17 works, made by six artistsscattered throughout the university campus. Thus we will find works by Mustapha Azeroual, photographer, Lionel Bayol-Themines, photographer and scientist by training, Julia Coffre, graphic designer, Olivier Crouzel, artist, Thierry Fournier, artist-author, and Silvi Simon, artist specialized in works of art. .virtual reality video and movie installations. For the details of all the works, you can find them here.

During tours of the campus in search of these works, the residents of Strasbourg will be able to try to explore the question of the relationship between art and science, thanks to new digital tools. The project will try to answer questions such as: How is the image of science constructed? How is it spread? How is it also sometimes diverted, reinterpreted, disoriented? In addition, the most curious Strasbourgers will also be able to attend the opening of the exhibition, which will take place on Thursday, April 28 at 6:00 p.m., at the European Doctoral College. Finally, you can also participate in the Night of the Museums 2022, with guided tours on Saturday, May 14. Thus, several departures will be organized from the Misha, at 7 pm, 9 pm and 11 pm. Reservations are available by following this link.

For a month, Strasbourgeois men and women will be able to wander around the university campus, in search of 17 works that question the relationship between art and science. The result of a collaboration between many talents from Strasbourg and beyond, this exhibition shows that when everyone pulls in the same direction and collaborates, something good can be achieved.

Complementary elements, outdoor exhibition
From Monday, April 25 to Sunday, May 22
Strasbourg University Campus

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