In Triolo, the Bouquinerie du Sart now stores its books in a giant warehouse

reading is eating and drinking“, wrote a certain Victor Hugo. At the Bouquinerie du Sart, there is food and drink for everyone. The project launched in 2015, in addition to employing people in integration, recovers second-hand books, CDs, DVDs, video games and vinyl to sell them much cheaper. It works so well that we now need a 1,800m² warehouse to store it all.

We get £7,000 a day“, begins Vianney Poissonnier, the co-founder. It must be said that 130 collection points help. Not to mention the app, since September, which allows you to easily send your books against vouchers that can be used directly at the Bouquinerie du Sart, in Villeneuve-d’Ascq.

With all that, the Bouquinerie needed more space. On April 25, he moved his entire stock to a warehouse in Triolo.

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More space for many more books.

The new and beautiful place has no less than 1800 m². We see you coming:Wouldn’t that be too much for 160,000 books?“No, not at all. Vianney and his team intend to quickly recover more, up to 600,000. Knowing that the initial headquarters store remains open.”It allows us to free up spaceassures the manager. We recovered 800m² to expand the commercial area, receive donations, etc. The most precious thing now will be to increase our collections.

He adds : “We are also going to develop our second-hand business and create a clothing sorting workshop.“All this benefits the professional integration promoted by the Bouquinerie du Sart. Ten solidarity jobs will be added to the current fifteen. To apply, you just have to prove that you live in a shelter.

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If we manage to develop our activity well, we want to open solidarity bookstores within a radius of 200 kmVianney says. They will be places of deposit and sale, always at the local level..” These measures should create small integration centers to prepare careers in mass distribution.

The co-founder concludes: “We study rather medium-sized cities, such as Arras, Dunkerque or Amiens. We give ourselves until September to choose the city that will be the first test.“In the meantime, you can always donate your books or let your fingers caress the paper at the Villeneuvoise bookstore.

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