Making love to music would make it more fun!

It is not easy, in a love relationship that lasts, to get the sex do not become monotonous and repetitive over time. Between bodies that know each other better, positions that often return, the surprise is sometimes less present and nothing more normal than that.

Make love with music to vary the pleasures

To remedy the lack of fantasy, why not think of make love to music ? At least that is the suggestion made to the newspaper by British-born sexologist Ness Cooper. Meter. Although it is well known that music has many and varied virtues. Therefore, it would also have assets to make our sexuality a little more rhythmic. So what are we waiting for to download our best playlist and draw the sexy lingerie ?

Have you ever noticed? Listening to music you like helps the body relax and become more receptive. This is because at that time the body releases a little dopaminealso know ashappiness hormone Suffice it to say that in a context in which we are about to make love, it works rather in our favor and puts us in good condition. As a bonus, if the lyrics of the songs are well chosen, it can help to transmit some messages, more or less subliminal, to the other without having to speak. A good plan for those who may have difficulty expressing themselves. “Lyrics can be a good form of love language, helping you to communicate and express your emotions.” explains Ness Cooper.

  • Music sharpens the senses

According to the sex therapist, music can have a direct impact on your genitals. “When you associate music with consensual sexual interactions, whether it’s flirting or telling a sexual story or fantasy, genital arousal and response are increased more than when no music is played during those interactions.“, she explains.

In this context, it is not surprising that the marketing of certain brands sex toysin the image of Satisfyer or WeVibe launched an app a few years ago that allows you to control your toys remotely, but also to link their vibrations to the sound of your favorite playlist or music created by you. Proof that music has many ways to lead to enjoyment.

Music to punctuate sexual intercourse.

What if, for a while, you allowed yourself to be totally controlled by the music as a way to play on your emotion? And yes, following the beat of the music you listen to, you have a perfect way to keep up with your idiots and love impulses and can be extremely stimulating and exciting. A bit like the coconut technique, in short. Sometimes very fast, sometimes on the contrary very slow and a bit frustrating. “Music influences the way our body moves and adapts to particular rhythms. It can make us worry less about our movements during sex and promote creativity in the bedroom.adds Ness Cooper. A good trick to relax when it’s hard to let go.

Contrary to what one might think, this cannot be improvised. As a first step, Ness Cooper recommends making sure the couple is comfortable with the idea of make love to musicbecause not everyone is. So it is better to choose rhythms that suit each member of the couple. “Talking about the types of music you both enjoy can help, and compromise can be found by making a list of songs you both enjoy.“, she explains.

It is also advisable not to choose the first Spotify Playlist coming, but select sounds with suitable and similar rhythm. Already because the songs will not necessarily have an appropriate rhythm and/or theme. The breakup songs in full intercourse they fall quite badly… Finally, if the sound must be audible, of course it must not be too loud to the point of not being able to communicate with the other. The goal is not to end up in a nightclub.

Our favorite lovemaking playlist:

  • Bootylicious – Destiny’s Child
  • Six feet under, Billie Eilish
  • queen – jessie j
  • High For This – Original, The Weeknd
  • Let’s Do It – Marvin Gaye
  • I Put A Spell On You – Annie Lennox
  • Madly in Love – Beyoncé
  • I’m a 4U Slave – Britney Spears
  • I want your sex – George Michael
  • Dance for you – Beyoncé
  • Vanessa – Gynecologist
  • That’s How You Like It – Beyoncé & Jay-Z
  • He Earned It – The Weeknd

And you, what is your best sound for a memorable ride?

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