Pascal Légitimus confirms an upcoming film with Les Inconnus

LThe Unknowns are about to make their big comeback. In any case, this was confirmed by Pascal Légitimus on the RFM antenna this weekend, implying that the trio was meeting again to return to the fray. “Currently we are seeing each other, we are coagulating our energies for two, three projects that I can’t talk about yet…”

The comedian specifies anyway that a comedy is well prepared with “Philippe Godeau as producer”. “A director is writing for us,” he continues. They are two universes that are going to converge, that of the Unknowns and that of this director, whom I cannot name, because we have not yet signed at the bottom of a page… I think it should appear next year”.

The Unknowns hasn’t returned to the big screen since. The Three Brothers, the return2014, which had been poorly received by critics, despite a great success in theaters with more than two million viewers -but far from the 6.5 million of the first work the three brothers in 1995, released when Les Inconnus was at the height of its glory. Enough to rain down the comeback projects, each one continuing their solo career in parallel…

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Recently, Bernard Campan said that it was not always easy to be part of a group that the general public considers inseparable forever. “It’s complicated, the groups, it’s very complicated,” he said in late January on the show. As an asideon Canal+. There were fights, it’s part of life. Often, we made a curtain. We don’t speak again for a while. Then we talk to each other again, we tell each other what we don’t understand…”

“We return calmly”

For Pascal Légitimus, these downtimes are more like breaks to come back better. “We never left, he explained in RFM. We are still here, except we are a little older, we have less energy, but in any case, we have been working for almost thirty years. At some point, we stopped because we had nothing more to say, so we fell fallow, as they say. And there it is, we have ideas, junk, we come back calm…”

In these “retouches”, a cinematographic project, but also a great television program in the presence of comedians, who would retrace their history and their success around archive images. Without forgetting a show project around revisited sketches, an idea that is close to the heart of Didier Bourdon, as he confided last January on the RTL antenna.

It remains to convince his partners, in particular Bernard Campan, who is not very keen. “People would like Les Inconnus to reappear on the scene, like thirty years ago, it is not possible, he judged in the parisian. I don’t believe in a reunion on stage. I know that my colleagues would like it, but for the moment, I am not convinced. Fans cross their fingers…

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