Saudi Arabia Demands Removal of ‘LGBTQ Reference’ From Disney Movie ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’

Saudi Arabia asked Disney to remove the “LGBTQ references” of the latest Marvel film before it can be shown in theaters in the ultra-conservative kingdom, a Saudi official told AFP on Monday (April 25).

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The required censorship is related to one of the scenes of ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’, whose premiere is scheduled for early May. In this scene, which lasts “barely twelve seconds”lesbian superhero America Chavez refers to her “two mothers”said Nawaf Al-Sabhan, head of film classification in Saudi Arabia.

The sequel after the announcement.

“It’s just LGBTQ references. He talks about his moms, because he has two moms. And in the Middle East, it’s really hard to get something like that.”plot.

Disney ‘doesn’t want’ to do the deletions

According to him, the American entertainment giant Disney has so far responded “not wish” make the requested deletions.

“There is no reason to ban the film. It’s just a modification… Until now they have refused. But we have not closed the door. We keep trying”he pointed.

Homosexuality is a potentially deadly crime in Saudi Arabia, which applies a very strict interpretation of Islamic law, even as the kingdom has undertaken social reforms in recent years.

The sequel after the announcement.

Other films already in sight

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Under the leadership of Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, the conservative Gulf monarchy has opened up to entertainment and big world events, but political and social restrictions remain very strong. In 2017, the authorities lifted the ban on the cinema.

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Other Marvel movies had been in the sights of Saudi Arabia. According to the American specialized newspaper “Hollywood Reporter”, “Eternals”, which portrays a homosexual couple, had provoked requests for modifications from several Gulf countries, including Saudi Arabia. Disney had refused, and the film was ultimately not shown in the kingdom.

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