Seed theft worries Pèrèrè – Matin Libre

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Yam cultivation has been faltering in the commune of Pèrèrè for several years. This, due to the recurrent theft of seeds in yam fields by unidentified subjects.

Yam farmers in the commune of Pèrèrè seem determined to stop growing yams. According to information transmitted by the daily public service, seed theft is becoming recurrent in the yam fields. “In the fields prepared for the occasion, rare are the seeds of this tuber that manage to grow in the mounds. Yam growers in most of the Pèrèrè localities have, for several years, begun to give in to discouragement. If nothing is done, they may no longer be delivered to your crop. In fact, already forced to deal with the harmful effects of global warming, Pèrèrè yam producers today see powerless the theft of said tuber seeds from their fields”, reports the same source. More worryingly, almost all the seeds planted for the next agricultural season would be dug up and carried away by unidentified people. Several farmers are said to have already given up yam cultivation. Pastors of herds in transhumance are suspected of being behind the theft of semen. “The great difficulty that we face in Pèrèrè, in relation to yam cultivation, is related to grazing. Arrived at our fields, the shepherds do not hesitate to dig up the seeds. This is to store them at home and consume them. Others, to take the provocation further, even roast them in the field… Yams are planted in the middle of the dry season. During this period, field activities are no longer regular. The human presence is a bit reduced. Taking advantage of the situation, breeders passing through with their herds come to dig up 80% of the seed to consume it”, a farmer confides to the daily public service. And to continue “Note that there was no germination. At first glance, they think they have used poor quality seed. But, as they continue their investigation, they finally discover that there was nothing on the ground… This situation does not date from today… it is practically all the yam farmers in Pèrèrè who also complain about it. This is why, in recent years, yams have become rare in Pèrèrè. From the Gbégourou district, just after Parakou, to Pèrèrè, it’s the same problem. Fewer and fewer yams are being produced.” Given the situation, a committee would be formed to seek solutions. The committee would be made up of the king, the delegate, the counselors, a representative of the Territorial Agency for Agrarian Development at the community level. If the complaints are collected there, the committee prioritizes the friendly settlement option. Besides the fact that yams are rare in the commune, they are accessible at a very high price. The yam consumed in the commune comes from other communes that, in the past, were supplied by the commune of Pèrèrè.


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