Shoot a movie at the Château Frontenac

CINEMA. The team of creators and actors from the film December 23, by producer Guillaume Lespérance, is coming to the Château Frontenac for a few days of filming.

“It is a crossover-type film, in which separate stories unfold that end up coming together, explains India Desjardins, author of the project. I was inspired by my Christmas of 2011 during which my stepfather had a heart attack. Many events were happening at the same time. At that time, I called Guillaume to present my story idea. It took me ten years to complete the text, and now we are making the project a reality!”

India Desjardins

Virginie Fortin as Author

The actress and comedian Virginie Fortin embodies the role of a successful author in her career, but little in her love relationships. She talks about the pleasures and challenges of filming. “We are a great team! We shoot in Montreal, Quebec and Charlevoix, in great locations. My main challenge is playing at night, from late afternoon to four in the morning. But the comedy and magic of Christmas create a fun atmosphere, and with director Myriam Bouchard, it’s just perfect!”

Virginia Fortin

Stephane Rousseau, singer

Antoine Blouin’s character, played by Stéphane Rousseau, is a popular singer who has to take a break from his professional life due to illness. He is trying to get back on stage with a Christmas album. “I had to learn a new musical instrument which I can’t reveal let alone punch, but it was a big challenge!”

“This project is nothing but happiness, from start to finish.”

– Stephane Rousseau, actor

He says he still has fun on set, even after starring in numerous TV shows and movies, including The Barbarian Invasions and Omerta. “What I like is meeting new people, learning new things and playing other characters. There are always new challenges, and it is a group trip. I am very happy that the production thought of me for this role.

Stephane Rousseau

He talks about his performance with great pleasure. “My character has several layers. He has many moods and asks existential questions, so he’s not one-dimensional. This project is nothing but happiness, from start to finish.”

Decorated with Christmas decorations, the Château Frontenac’s ballroom is used for filming.

The other actors are Bianca Gervais, François Arnaud, Sacha Charles and Catherine Souffront.

The film will be released in theaters on November 25, 2022.

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