SHOPPING Nail Art: 5 nail polishes and products that will revolutionize your manicure

Wear beautiful nails this summer and go for the natural, it’s possible! The proof, with these 5 revolutionary products and accessories for a manicure in top form!

Little by little the beautiful days begin to arrive, and you are looking for your future fashion manicure ? Among the stars from all over the world who exhibit XXL Nails super colorful, an reverse french manicure O well spring patterns (special mention for the little margaritas we love), you are spoiled for choice inspirational level. But what we propose today is rather to discover the latest innovations marks. In matters of green varnish sure, but also side accessories. Because after all, why should we make concessions between aesthetics, quality and respect of the planet?

These new products will boost your manicure safely

For several seasons now, brands specializing in nail polish try clean your formulas. To do this, they usually replace certain substances derived from petrochemicals (we are thinking in particular of phthalates) by natural extracts. Very often, they are therefore formulations based on floors, from potatoesfrom but or even from cassavalike in So’Bio Etic, Green Boho Makeup either Kure Bazaar.

But sometimes, brands go further ! Indeed, the french brand Manicurist has succeeded in the crazy gamble of developing a semi-permanent varnishHe too biobased. Called green flashthis little revolution is formulated free of toxic ingredients. We find potatoes, cassava, cotton or even sugar cane. On the promise side, Manicurist promises you Shine and hold the last ten days. And we see you coming: how do you remove this semi-permanent varnish? super fast, with a gentle acetone-free nail polish remover. you had to think about it and Manicurist did.

Green Flash Basic Kit, Manucurista, currently at €55 hurry

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