Singer Joyce Jonathan trains young talents at the Corsican polyphonic art center in Sartène

Five star training in Polyphonic art center. Five young talents islanders benefited from the advice of a professional. french singer joyce jonathan he honored the establishment with his visit for two days.

A time of meeting, of exchange, with young artists who wanted to confront their gaze.

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This event follows a call that the polyphonic art center has launched to young singer-songwriters in the area, so that they can meet Joyce and advise them on artistic issues.

On Friday morning, the day began with the reception of the candidates, before launching into the bath of creation.

At the end of these two days of work, the CAP offered a meeting-concert on Saturday afternoon as part of “A Scelta artistica”.

In the first part, the trainees presented the original creations made during these two days. Later, Joyce Jonathan offered a showcase made up of songs from her repertoire and titles from her new album. the pretty little things.

An artistic encounter

On Friday afternoon in the auditorium, he seriously rehearses around the piano.

Basically, I wanted to participate for fun. The project looked really cool, so I thought I’d give it a try.“, says Julie Marti, a young singer-songwriter from Ghisonaccia. “It’s nice to work in a team. You bring many different ideas“.

Virginie came from Bastia. Her residency is above all an opportunity for her to discover a new cultural place and meet other singer-songwriters. “We are all fans of Joyce Jonathan and admire her journey, her songs. He has a sense of melody, of words. The art of storytelling“Virginia stresses.

The youngest, Constance, twelve years old, and already a stage name: Clemstance.

My parents offered to sign me up. I thought to myself why not. Then I received a positive call and I was super happy. It’s great to have your advice. He gives us tips for composing. With Joyce, I learned how to write a song.“.

A moment earlier, the girls recounted childhood memories and selected one to insert into a verse.

Create a song from A to Z

The idea is to compose a song, on the theme “the meaning of family”.

I thought long and hard about how I wanted to approach these two days. I was inspired by a book that I love, style exercises by Raymond Queneau, who brings to life the same story, very simple, told 99 times in different ways.

In the song we often find recurring themes, but what makes it strong is the way it is told, with all the personal elements that will make it original, authentic.Joyce explains.

For her too, exercise is quite new. “When I’m composing, I’m alone or with someone I know very well. It’s cool to see these two days of work as a game and have a framework. Like a mini-residence of creation that is built around the development of a song“.

Joyce allows her students to advance and grow. “There is a fluidity, they have no problem getting personal things.“. They look for his words, the tonality, they agree: “I chose to take my path, grow up and forget my doubts, I made them a promise, to never lose direction…Words impregnated with tenderness and delicacy that go straight to the point.

The song must above all please, be structured and moving. I like to see the construction of a song almost like an equation. I need everything to be very consistent, even in the text. This is what makes you remember the chorus, that you want to sing it, that there is an ease to express it.“.

Joyce Jonathan, an artist who needs to be concrete, both in human relations, with the public, and in music.

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