The Center culturel franco-manitobain offers art camps for children this summer

This is the second year that the Franco-Manitobain Cultural Center has offered art camps.

We really wanted children and young people to escape through culture and art.says the director of marketing and communication for the Franco-Manitoban Cultural Center, Sassandra Bergounioux.

According to Ms. Bergounioux, this is a community expectation.

They are also bilingual children who want to develop their French. »

a quote from Sassandra Bergounioux, Director of Marketing and Communication of the Franco-Manitobain Cultural Center

“It was a strong request from families to have art camps in French,” explains Sassandra Bergounioux.

Photo: Sassandra Bergounioux

A desire to include all children.

Plastic arts teacher at the Louis Riel division, Chloé Carpenter will teach the visual arts workshops under the ocean for children from 6 to 9 years old and wizard school for children from 10 to 13 years old.

I have done most of my degree in immersion, so I would love to invite children who are less likely to speak French during the summer.explains Chloe Carpenter.

Chloe Carpenter in the radio studio in front of a microphone

“I adapt to the young people in front of me,” says Chloe Carpenter.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Colombe Fortin

We all live here in the same place, we have to help each other. You will create friendships outside of your usual groups.the teacher is excited.

Let’s make our community bigger! »

a quote from Chloé Carpenter, visual arts teacher at the Louis Riel School Division

Thus, an exhibition will be presented at the end of the camps to show all the art we made together.

Urban art with Mr. Philip

Paint in a paint box.

This is the second art camp workshop that Mr. Philip has led for the Franco-Manitobain Cultural Center.

Photo: Mr Philip

Mr. Philip is a former street photographer who has been working on mixed media on canvas since 2017.

My biggest source of inspiration is Jean-Michel Basquiat, who combined drawing with painting, surreal collage… a bit of everything. »

a quote from Mr. Philip, artist

I like the idea that I don’t have to limit myself to painting as is and that I can incorporate drawings, photos (…) in a single worksays the artist.

Mr. Philip’s goal is to teach children three popular street art techniques and then allow them to create a work on canvas.

The first day, I talk about the labelsthe street artist’s or graffiti artist’s signature, and I present several styles, suggesting that they create their own. labels. The next day, I tell them about the stencil, which is a technique that Banksy adopted.explains Mr. Felipe.

My idea is to teach something that is not taught to children in school. »

a quote from Mr. Philip, artist

I would like to believe that this will inspire young people. It is to tell you that if you want to be an artist in this life, it is possible. They told me that it couldn’t be, because they had told me that there was no money in this area. Everything is possible, you just have to believe in it and worksays the artist.

The idea is to be a positive source for a week and allow them to boost their creativity. My goal is to encourage them. I like to believe that when they leave they are a little more inspired than when they started taking this course.concludes Mr. Philip.

The five art camps will take place in July and August 2022 at the Franco-Manitobain Cultural Center. (New window). Places are limited to between 15 and 18 students per camp and registration is open until 1Ahem June 2022.

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