The OSTR meets Jacques Lacombe, the time of a concert

Like a big warm hug, Schumann’s music enveloped the audience. He was treated to a generous performance by the pianist, the musicians and the director.

For his second visit to Trois-Rivières, Charles Richard-Hamelin gave a performance worthy of his reputation. Viewers have discovered, or rediscovered, a sensitive pianist, talented both in his execution and in his interpretation.

Guiding the little ones

His generosity is not limited to the stage. The day before, the pianist gave a master class at the Trois-Rivières Music Conservatory for students of Professor Jeanne-Amièle Lusignan.

Jeanne-Amièle is a childhood friend, I have known her for more than 15 years, now we are professional colleagues. The pianist took advantage of his visit to the city to offer time to his students, listen to them and share advice with them. It was great, they are very talented students. Succession is very strong here.

The pianist Charles Richard-Hamelin was passing through Trois-Rivières.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Francois Genest

A return after 4 years of absence

Visibly happy to be back with the musicians of the orchestra and the public of Trois-Rivières, Maestro Jacques Lacombe confesses that he quickly found his orientation and reflexes with the musicians of the orchestra. Although he hasn’t worked with them since 2018, he loves experiencing the feeling of having left them alone the day before.

Reduce speed

Master Jacques Lacombe said he is now a free agent. The stoppage imposed by the pandemic made him review his rhythm of life. After the end of his tenure as director of the Orchester symphonique de Mulhouse, France, he decided to give himself a little more freedom.

For how long… 25, 30 years have I held positions of artistic direction, musical direction? There were years when I had 3, 4, 5 positions at the same time. I burned out the candle a bit at both ends before the pandemic. »

a quote from Jacques Lacombe, director
Master Jacques Lacombe smiles at the camera

Master Jacques Lacombe returns to OSTR after a four-year absence.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Simon Laganière

Jacques Lacombe says that at one point he crossed the Atlantic 20 times a year, sometimes even twice a week.

I decided to give myself a little more freedom, the possibility of choosing and then, it goes well for me, I am happy. Now, it’s nice to find orchestras that I work with or have worked with for so long. I’ve done a lot of things with OSM over the years. Then finding Trois-Rivières is really very, very special.

The last game of the season with theTrois-Rivières Symphony Orchestra It will take place on May 21 at Salle J.-Antonio-Thompson. The music of Mozart and Beethoven will be awarded.

Details of the upcoming season will be revealed shortly.

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