These books to be held by babies

From the age of three months, the baby discovers the grasp and with it the joy of books, of the cardboard boxes that he can grab with his already skillful and determined handcuffs. Her sight and her gaze have also changed. She stops seeing the world in black and white, she begins to distinguish colors, she no longer smiles only at the angels but also at her parents or my matryoshka imagined by Anne Herbauts in one of these book-objects whose secret she has and that this time takes, oh joy!, the shape and curves of these Russian dolls full of surprises, with the name derived from Matriona, associated with a woman from the robust course with generous curves.

What’s in Anne Herbauts’ Triennial Prize for Children’s Literature? Cats, mice, mustaches, cookies, whatever you want, or sometimes a tree, the moon behind a cat with a gray stocking which is in turn behind a cloud, each discovery leads to another, according to the very principle of this toy traditional.

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