Will Smith: great movie, but small person

Have you seen the movie King Richard that won Will Smith the Oscar for best actor?

A jewel. One of my favorite movies of the year.

The moving and inspiring story of Richard Williams, father of Venus and Serena Williams.

The guy, a security guard who worked at night, did not want his daughters to spend the night on the street and have bad company.

So he took them to play tennis before going to work.


Unfortunately, the tennis court in question was located in an area frequented by street gangs.

Result: the father of the future champions was regularly hit by small blows.

But he didn’t reply.

Because “violence is never a solution”.

I’m not kidding, it’s with phrases like these that Will Smith managed to win his Oscar!

Later, when his daughter Venus competes in her first professional tournament, Richard Williams looks her straight in the eye and tells her to behave.

Because it will not be a simple tennis player. She will represent her community!

Will Smith should have reviewed his film before showing up at the Oscars on Sunday.

It might have jolted his memory. And that could have prevented him from becoming the first comedian to attack a gala host live in front of millions of viewers.

Because that’s what’s left of him when he rots six feet under the ground.

Here lies the guy who, like Sidney Poitier and Denzel Washington, had the opportunity to become a role model for his community, but chose to behave like the last of the scum.

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Was Chris Rock’s Joke About Will Smith’s Wife Inappropriate? Yes.

And so ? That doesn’t give you the right to go on stage and slap him.

Otherwise, Mike Ward would be in the hospital for a long time.

As Michelle Obama said of the Ostrogoths around Trump: “When they go down, we go up. »

Especially since after punching Chris Rock in front of the cameras, Smith calmly returned to his seat and put on a diaper, insulting the host twice.

If a guy had behaved like that, the security guards would have kicked him out.

But it was Will Smith.

So not only did the ceremony organizers do nothing, but the billionaire stars who spent the night speaking out against toxic masculinity and saying that love rules all cheered him when he won his Oscar.

Proof that this little world is gross hypocrisy.

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“I am overwhelmed by the responsibility that God has placed on my shoulders,” Smith said as he accepted his trophy. I am a vector of love…”

Yeah, Thing.

Ukrainians die with their mouths open but God has come out of retirement to win you an Oscar.

Because he wants you to “spread love down here”…

No, but who do these people think they are?

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