A biography of great intensity.

Worthy heir to a dynasty of talented musicians, a rebellious woman with a strong personality, Martha Wainwright reveals herself and reveals herself in an autobiography of great intensity, nothing serious is Again come. Her many admirers will learn more about this exceptional artist, a woman of great integrity, and her journey, which has nothing to do with a long lazy river.

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Martha Wainwright is known for her sometimes provocative personality and her incandescent voice, but now we discover her writing that is both tender and scratchy, without concessions, and her very particular sense of humor. She tells her noncommittal story: her childhood within a close-knit clan, her younger years, including a stay in New York with her father, her teenage pursuits, her rebellion as a women.

Loves, heartbreaks, duels, losses, discoveries, musical journey, first public appearances… “the daughter of, the sister of…” she freed herself from labels and traced her own path. She also talks about the difficult reconciliation between her artistic career and motherhood.

In an interview in French, a language she speaks easily, Martha Wainwright explains the long creative process that went into writing the book. A brave, intense work, which spanned several years.

“I got into this several years ago, it’s been almost eight years. And he didn’t know exactly what it would be. I knew that I would definitely play my history with my family, other artists that I have met in my career, my music, things like that. But he didn’t know in what tone he was going to talk about it.

“It has changed a lot in recent years. When I started, I was 38-39 years old. I write a lot, but I lacked a voice. It was a bit spread out. Finally, after a few years of work, I was able to really find the story in the story.”

Finding your literary voice

Finding a literary voice is an exercise that requires time and reflection.

“When I started, I didn’t have the discipline, I still don’t have it, to write every day and regularly. There were long passages that were really funny. There were different voices. The challenge was knowing what to keep, what to remove, what was needed.”

For her, telling something was not just a way of saying, but a way of doing something that moved people.

“I touch on things that are important to say, quite taboo subjects like abortion, drugs, divorce. Things that are quite difficult, but that affect many families, I think. I’m not the only one going through these things.”

Martha Wainwright did not want to go into too much detail or write a depressing text. “The journey was about finding a way to tell that was interesting.”

Positive vision of your trip.

Once the work was finished, she discovered that she knew herself better, that she had discovered other facets of herself.

“I think I saw myself differently because I had to see things again. I had to listen to tapes and read because I wasn’t sure of dates or places. I looked in the newspapers to check that my memory was good.

This research work prompted her to take a close look at her career in music. She clearly saw that she had done a lot of good things, that the reviews of her concerts were positive.

“It calmed me down and I understood my story more by talking to people, with my manager, with my brother. I interviewed several people in my family, to get their thoughts and see if I understood things correctly. This return to them was very moving and touching. It helped me a lot and gave me confidence. People were proud of me and I should be too.”

Martha Wainwright

  • Martha Wainwright is an internationally renowned singer-songwriter with more than two decades of experience in the entertainment industry.
  • She produced the albums Martha Wainwright (2005), I know you’re married, but I have feelings too (2008), come home to mom (2012) and Songs in the Dark (2015) –the fruit of a collaboration with his half-sister Lucy Wainwright Roche and nominated for the JUNO Awards–, as well as good night city (2016) and love will be reborn (2021).
  • She is also an actress in her spare time, having acted in the Aviator by Martin Scorsese and in the miniseries olive kitteridgeon HBO.

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