a bloody trailer for a gourmet horror movie

Later On clothPeter Strickland returns with Gourmet feeda horror film about food, which is revealed in an intriguing trailer.

Horror and food often go hand in hand in movies, especially in comedy films. If one can think of the turkey scene in scary movie 2other movies like Attack of the giant moussaka Where Attack of the Killer Tomatoes have become cult works of the Z series and The human centipede, for an equally obvious reason, also made use of the relationship between mouth and blood. But it is in the real culinary world, the one where we wear chef’s hats, that Peter Strickland has decided to set his new horror film.

With Gourmet feed, the British director tackles digestion, gurgling and gastrointestinal upset, telling the story of a seemingly ASMR-minded food-loving collective who listen to and record the crunch of butter in a hot pan and the hum of electric mixers for the benefit. of performative art. This atypical work was unveiled in a disturbing trailer based on flatulence.

Bizarre, crazy and above all confusing, this trailer will delight fans of the filmmaker. After paying tribute to Brian De Palma in Berber sound studioto Luis Bunuel in The Duke of Burgundy and to David Lynch and Dario Argento in On cloth, Peter Strickland seems to embark on a cinema even more atypical than usual. With Gourmet feedtitle that seems directly taken from Gaspar Noé, promises a descent into culinary hell.

Being enigmatic at the level of its story, the trailer does not hesitate to impress us and fill our faces, with several shots where red and brown sauces splash the faces of the characters, creating confusion between blood or tomato sauce, human waste. or chocolate. With its dynamic editing and playful music, the trailer is right in its bet, that of deeply disgusting.

We hope it’s chocolate.

This strange story is not accompanied by a cast of strangers, quite the contrary, since Asa Butterfield (Sex education), Gwendoline Christie (game of Thrones), Ariane Labed, Makis Papadimitriou, Richard Bremmer and Fatma Mohamed will be part of the hair-raising culinary adventure. Great movie or sick movie? response to display. Yes Gourmet feed It will arrive simultaneously in theaters and VOD on June 24, 2022 in the United States, It is not yet known whether the film will benefit from a French release.


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