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April 26, 2022

Having already had some success in France, thanks to collaborations with La Roche-Posay, Biotherme, Nike and McDonald’s, the TAKEOFF CREATIVE marketing agency is set to conquer America by displaying its “artistic” QR codes at an exhibition in New York, which had place from April 8 to 22.

The pandemic has put the QR code back center stage. It could have been the “accounting” and “soulless” symbol of a booming “contactless” economy. Being associated with the vaccine passport, the black and white pixelated square has an additional symbolism, which is not to everyone’s liking: a QR code that reduces the human to a serial number is not sexy.

The relaunch of the “Art QR Code” initiative is timely. In December 2020, long before the appearance of the famous passport, visual artist Eric Baesa, founder of the marketing agency TAKEOFF, set out to give QR codes a soul, through what he calls QR code art. .

We launched QR Code Art in 2020, explains Andréanne Dupéré, digital media specialist at TAKEOFF CREATIVE. Therefore, we started by offering Art QR Code as a marketing, communication and brand storytelling tool to brands through our office in France, which has already been able to test Art QR Code with collaborations with certain brands. »

La Roche-Posay, Biotherme, Nike, McDonald’s… In addition to these collaborations, the group of artists associated with the project have created icons of popular culture such as Michael Jordan, Kanye West, the Joker and… Bruce Lee!

A Dragon’s Roar – Bruce Lee (Courtesy of TAKEOFF)

These artistic QR codes take several weeks to design; is the result of a collaboration between artists and computer programmers. All QR codes are “scannable” and therefore can lead to a specific URL link, an app to open, a video game, etc.

On the TAKEOFF website, Eric Baesa talks about the genesis of the project:

On our side of the world, the QR code does not have a good image because it is unattractive and impersonal. Amazed by the use of this technology during a trip to Asia, I began to imagine what it would be like if we could create a QR code with real graphic elements to tell the story and values ​​of the brand. With QR Code Art, we have deconstructed technology to create a new generation of graphic codes that add an extra dimension of information and reading. »

Two years later, the collective now includes a number of mainly French independent artists.

Below the works published on the collective’s Instagram account, you will find the name of the artist who created the QR code. We found among others: Thom, Bea, Chris and Pakito. We are currently seeking partnerships with new artists to showcase local and international talent. »


By exhibiting in New York, the TAKEOFF CREATIVE agency wants to carve out a niche for itself in North America and become THE preferred provider of “artistic” QR codes for brands.

We wish you lots of inspiration to replicate this “impersonal” visual, which has every chance of sticking with us for years to come!

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