a trailer for the return to cinema of the cult web series

The film adaptation of the French web series The visitor from the future It is presented with a first trailer.

There are, sometimes, projects that reach the world without really understanding why and how. And sometimes there is a project that, against all odds, responds with such an unjustified follow-up, at least logical. Thus, thirteen years after its initial launch on the Internet, the web-series The visitor from the future created by François Descraques realizes his dreams of big screens through the prism of a first film adaptation with… The visitor from the future.

The film takes place eight years after the events of the fourth and final season, but also those of the novel. The pack and sleeve The Temporary Brigade, which already officiated as a continuation in the mythology of the series. Victim like many others of the pandemic, the famous project carried out by Pyramide Productions from 2018 has finally managed to get its head above water, and thus more has been revealed in a first trailer

A far cry from the cardboard and paste effects and the hastily improvised piece of string. which participated in the initial success of the series, this first film has an obviously larger budget than the original productions of the house, exploited copiously, however, without departing from its initial malice. Old heroes still proudly represented by Raphaël Descraques, Florent Dorin and Slimane-Baptiste Berhoun are now joined by newcomers Enya Baroux, Audrey Pirault, Arnaud Ducret and even youtubers McFly & Carlito.

Therefore, this new adventure will tell the story of Alice (played by Enya Baroux) who opposes her deputy father and his big nuclear power plant project. Once again tasked with saving the world from more or less imminent destruction, the visitor grabs the young woman and takes her to 2555 to experience the ravages of the explosion of this same power plant in the French capital.

At least we know where the budget didn’t go.

So what the visitor very arbitrarily decides that eliminating Alice’s father seems to be the simplest solution to stop the coming catastrophe. The young woman, now persecuted by the police of the future, will therefore have the mission of saving humanity, but also the life of her father. A business that in no case should be a walk in the park given the threats that underlie this feared future: be it the police of the future, a horde of zombies (yes, yes) or even wigs with which certain characters are adornedAlice and the visitor will have their work cut out for them.

An ambitious plot, although tempered, for this atypical project that should invest in cinemas from September 7, 2021.


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