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The author is inhabited by an intimate conviction: “Cooking is much more than recipes, it is the taste of life…” Y noha baz a thousand lives in twenty-four hours: pediatrician, writer, cook, grandmother. One day in Paris, another in Geneva. Another in Beirut where she takes care of the poorest children together with her husband as part of her association. the little suns.

When she flies to Lebanon It is with her suitcases crammed with medicines that are not there and she returns loaded with Levantine food. She is able to reassure a worried mother over the phone that her baby suffers from bronchiolitis while she kneads her knead manakich with zaatar.

A vital part of Lebanese culture…

Noha Baz and Joe Barza’s book cover…

In its flavors of lebanon (handle editions), she writes : “Lebanese gastronomy celebrated around the world has become for the Lebanese, like art and music, a unifying homeland, a country of refuge that no war or explosion can shake.”

Indeed, Noha Baz is a ferryman of worlds, tastes, cultures. Pediatrician is also graduated from higher studies in taste and gastronomy at the University of Reims !

This is also the strength of his book. (cooked four hands, with the chef joe barza) to offer “Proust’s Madeleines” women and men of Lebanese origin who evoke their memories of cooking, their favorite dishes and the sensory images they are attached to.

we discovered thus the passion of the musician Ibrahim Ma’aluf well, this fresh cheese that is the Labneh or the architect’s favorite dish Halla Warde : lentils with chard and lemon carrots. “Flavors of Lebanon”a colorful book, to savor without moderation, a unique book, gourmet and rich in encounters!

Try in case more is needed, that earthly foods can go very well with those of the spirit…


Do not forget the photographs accompanying the recipes, signed prince aline.
Alesio Forgione, Foreign Mediterranean Prize. Photo DR

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