get out of the culture of fear, according to Laurent Toubiana

The world is gradually emerging from the Covid-19 epidemic that has had the planet on edge for more than two years. What lessons can we learn from this pandemic that has shaken our systems, our economies and our ways of life? To talk about it, the epidemiologist Laurent Toubiana was the guest of “Bercoff in all his states”, for his book “Covid-19 – another vision of the epidemic” (ed. De l’Artilleur).

We have heard almost everything about Covid-19. Everything, and its opposite. What to think and what not to think. What to do and what not to do. Stop dividing society. Two years after the start of the health crisis, it is time to take stock. Have the authorities been up to the task? What consequences has the pandemic had on our lives?

Covid-19: amazement and then terror

There is covid-19. And the management of the pandemic. For the epidemiologist Laurent Toubiana, these are two very different things. So much so that, according to him, the management of the epidemic by public authorities was almost more serious in itself than that of Covid-19. He explains it in his last book, Covid-19: another view of the epidemic published by Editions de l’Artilleur. He was invited on Tuesday April 26 by André Bercoff in South Radio.

This book takes up what happened during the two years with two periods. The period of wonder. And a much longer second period of terror. She is not finished. Systematically, we take the same scenario, we do bounces. It is a kind of narration of the coming wave, etc. This scenario could play out very often, as long as people don’t realize the mechanism,” explains in “Bercoff in all his states”.

The definition of a pandemic

A minor epidemic, a banal viral infection”. Here are the words of Laurent Toubiana, unlike the pandemic that has been talked about so much for two years. “A pandemic is an epidemic that spreads over a much larger territory. It is a space-time phenomenon. Sick cases appear in a given place at a given time. When a number of cases arise in a brutal way, we can say that we are in an epidemic. The pandemic is this concept extended to a much broader space.” explains Laurent Toubiana in South Radio.

The epidemiologist recalls that in France, people in his profession are very few.Very few people in France have dealt with the dynamics of epidemics,” launches, evoking the numerous voices that were raised in the media during the health crisis to analyze the pandemic, without special legitimacy.

Covid-19: the culture of fear

By spreading fear, people are led to believe that what they are about to experience is a disaster. We put them in a state of amazement, Laurent Toubiana believes, evoking the psychological mechanism that he applied in France during the management of the health crisis. A mechanism that of course he harshly criticizes, defending himself from any conspiracy. “I’m not trying to explain why, but how. You have to analyze things with relative calm”, says the epidemiologist.

For Laurent Toubiana, the French must thoroughly understand the mechanism that he applied for two years. A mechanism that, according to him, could be reproduced many times and from which we must get out: that of the culture of fear.

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