horror movie unfolds in nightmarish trailer

Monstrousa new film by Chris Sivertson, is revealed in a terrifying trailer halfway between a haunted house movie and a monster movie.

The monster movie is a polysemous genre that includes both horror movies, science fiction movies or even survival movies, in which a creature, an abnormal being, goes on a rampage. Among the most famous surveillance movies, two main types of monsters collide. Both creatures exist. like Godzilla and King Kong, but the term monstrous also infers movies about deformed or disfigured human beings like those in Freaks, the freak parade or more recently from nightmare alley.

It is midway between these two types of monsters, animals and humans, that the creature of Monstrousa new film by American director Chris Sivertson (all the cheerleaders die). Christina Ricci plays a mother who, after running away from her violent husband, moves with her son to a new house. chased by a strange creature, as shown in the eye-catching trailer.

The trailer reveals the character played by Christina Ricci, an exemplary mother straight out of the ’60s, with her perfect hairdo and impeccably pressed dresses. The playful, almost childlike music makes you dread the moment when theutopia will turn into a nightmare. And if the child is the first to feel a presence, as is often the case in horror movies, the mother quickly realizes that something is wrong and, for good reason, a monster lurks in her new home.

The figure of the monster, encamped first by the violent father, heard talking on the phone, transforms and ends up incarnated in the guise of a terrifying creature, which seems to come out of a lake and can take various forms. Half skeleton, half sprawling creaturethis long-haired monster, reminiscent of the character from the movies Ringhe seems determined to put the new residents through hell.

A monster that seems directly inspired by the girl from The Ring

If the beginning of the trailer suggests that the monster is an allegory for the violent father, the creature seems really real and, above all, very reconstructed. Monstrous should delight fans of Chris Sivertson, if any, as well as Christina Ricci returning to horror, years after playing for Wes Craven in the hated damned. to discover Monstrous, we will still have to wait as the film does not yet have a known release date in France.


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