In Sanary, kick-boxing and street-art in the heart of the same place thanks to this passionate couple

Between Clara Lanuzel (28 years old) and Mathieu Roman (33 years old), it is a beautiful story… and not only of love.

A year after their meeting, in 2014 at a Sanaryan Leisure Center (ALSH) where they were facilitators, they decided to teach their respective art: kick-boxing for her, street-art for him.

Because Clara was runner-up in the world in 2013 and a bronze medalist at the European championships in 2014… in addition to seven French championship titles!

And Mathieu, if he is a qualified animator, is a true autodidact in urban art. Thus, in 2015 they rented a dance room, in Studio Arts’ & Co, and for that reason they gave kick-boxing and street art classes.


The following year, they found “their” site, at 399 chemin Raoul Coletta: “First we did a work on the ground floor to enable a real kick-boxing roomthey explain, then upstairs to create a space for the urban art workshop and shop”.

Because the self-taught person also designs street clothes, and that is why he sells them, under the brand name Heart (heart in English).

“I also do decoration for individuals or professionals and live painting: I participate in urban art festivals or events, some of them at OM”.

All gathered in San’Art Shop in 2018, Mathieu thus realized his dream, like Clara with San’Art Boxing, born two years earlier, during a crucial year for the champion.

“It was in 2016 that my coach Pierre Schneider retired… and that I stopped competing”remember her.

As early for her kickboxing debut at age 7 as for the end of her career at 22, la Sanaryenne launched her coaching career with equal anticipation: “It was the moment with the arrest of Pierre and it was my goal: to find in the corner of the ring the adrenaline that I had in competition”.

Five national titles

Clara Lanuzel then puts all the assets on her side: federal monitor patent 3Y bachelor’s degree and bachelor’s degree in science and technology of physical activities and sports… in addition to his professional sports trainer license, “your office”she who is also a black belt 2Y Dan.

The results are immediate with, since 2017, a French champion title thanks to Jessica Lanuzel (Clara’s sister) among the youngest!

And this is just the beginning: Eva Viola is crowned in turn at the national level, among the youngest in 2018 and then twice among the youngest at the beginning of this month of April, where Loris Garcia also becomes champion of! France in cadets!

Building on these successes and its 160 members (one)Clara and Mathieu hope to continue growing their structures: “We are looking for sponsors to buy a minibus for the trips to the championships. And we are starting to squeeze in the kickboxing room…”

The beautiful story continues. And her little Mya (11 months) “can take over”.

1. By uniting San’Art Boxing, where full contact and fitness is also provided, and San’Art Shop.

San’Art Boxing and San’Art Shop: 399, chemin Raoul Coletta in Sanary and
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